Student Advising - Christian Leadership & Church Ministries

This page applies to Christian Leadership & Church Ministries students/majors only.

Freshmen/Sophomores — You are welcome to meet with any faculty member below. If you have questions about the left side of your Degree Completion Plan (general education requirements), please contact your professional advisor in CASAS.

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Advising Professor



Christian Leadership and Church Ministries B.S.

Ms. Christina Pallaria


RH 127

  • Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Prof. Keith Oglesby 582-8992 RH 128
  • Youth Ministries
Last name begins with:
A - J: Dr. Rich Brown
K - Z: Dr. Steve Vandegriff


RH 127
RH 127

  • Women's Leadership
Dr. Monica Brennan 582-2963 RH 122
  • Worship
Prof. Paul Randlett

582-2271 RH 127
Pastoral Leadership B.S.

Dr. Dave Adams 592-4956 RH 145
DH = DeMoss Hall
GH = Green Hall
RH = Religion Hall