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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

PDF copy: Office of Spiritual Development.pdf

Office of Spiritual Development

David Nasser
Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development

Josh Rutledge
Executive Director for Spiritual Development

The Office of Spiritual Development manages and oversees all the co-curricular ministry and mission of Liberty University — providing vision, structure, and commonality between the various departments that service Liberty University students, faculty, and staff. The following departments answer to the Office of Spiritual Development.

The Office of Spiritual Programs

Dan Bolton
Director, Office of Spiritual Programs

The Office of Spiritual Programs provides opportunities for students to gather and serve as a community through Convocation and Campus Community.

Convocation is the largest weekly gathering of college students in the world. Each year, more than 80 distinguished guests – including Beth Moore, Sean Hannity, John Piper, Tim Tebow, Francis Chan, Chris Tomlin, Sarah Palin, and others – visit Liberty University and contribute to relevant, cultural conversations that stretch both the hearts and minds of students, faculty, and staff. Convocation is not defined as a church service or chapel, but as a time to come together to inform and transform. This distinction allows the platform of Convocation to not only be a pulpit for a guest preacher but also a podium for the highest-caliber scientists, economists, artist, and politicians in the world. Attendance is required at Convocation for all students.

Campus Community is a weekly worship service on campus that offers spirit-filled worship and expositional biblical teaching. The Bible passages discussed at Campus Community create a consistent, biblical dialogue among students across campus. All students are encouraged to attend Campus Community.

For more information on the Office of Spiritual Programs visit the website at: http://www.liberty.edu/faithservice.

Campus Pastors Office

Tim Griffin
Director, Campus Pastors Office

The Campus Pastors Office exists to offer support and guidance for any student encountering a difficult situation, an immediate crisis, or a spiritual need. Our staff includes ordained pastors and life skills coordinators who are mature followers of Christ and hold a master’s degree or higher.

For more information on the Campus Pastors Office visit the website at: http://www.liberty.edu/spirituallife/campuspastorsoffice.

Located in Dorm 17 and open from 8 am - 8 pm, the Prayer Center is a place where Liberty Students serve the Lord by praying for others. Prayer requests can be submitted via email and via text or phone. Calling the Prayer Center: (434) 515-1854. Sending prayer requests through e-mail: PrayerCenter@liberty.edu.

Department of Ministry Teams

Scott Bullman
Director, Department of Ministry Teams

Liberty University's Department of Ministry Teams is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging believers in their faith. Our ministry teams play in a wide variety of venues and serve others through music ministry, drama and creative expression. Many of our teams travel across the country sharing their faith and talents with diverse audiences.

For more information on the Department of Ministry Teams go to http://www.liberty.edu/ministryteams.

Center for Global Engagement

The Center for Global Engagement exists to foster a global perspective within the Liberty University community that reflects God’s love for all nations and produces involvement throughout the world. The CGE provides cross-cultural opportunities for college students, hosts Global Focus Week each semester, and sponsors Global Retreats mentoring weekends for students interested in cross-cultural careers.

The Center for Global Engagement is actively engaged in assessing the cultural intelligence of the university community and adjusting its own programs to promote greater cultural intelligence within the institution.

For more information on The Center for Global Engagement visit the website at: http://www.liberty.edu/globalengagement.

Center for Ministry Training

David A. Wheeler
Director, Center for Ministry Training
Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministries

The Center for Ministry Training (CMT) is an innovative, fully integrated training center; encompassing academic, social, and administrative functions and exists as a medium to provide services and space that meet the unique needs of not only Seminary and ministry students, but all University students who want ministry training, experience and placement possibilities.

The Center for Ministry Training actively recruits and trains students to live missionally wherever they are, regardless of one’s occupation so that they are impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

The Center for Ministry Training has a variety of training opportunities including Ministry Impact, small-groups, outreach events and exposure trips. The Center for Ministry Training facilitates the process of introducing students to church planters and leaders, and helps provide practical ministry experience through local church involvement and internships.

For more information on the Center for Ministry visit the website at http://www.liberty.edu/CMT.

Center for Christian/Community Service

Lew Weider, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.
Director of Christian/Community Service
Professor of Biblical Worldview

N. Troy Matthews, B.A., M.R.E., Ed.D.
Associate Director of Christian/Community Service
Professor of Biblical Worldview

Will Honeycutt, B.S., M.Div., D.Min.
Assistant Director of Christian/Community Service
Assistant Professor of Biblical Worldview

Stephen Putney, Th.B., Th.M., D.Min.
Assistant Director of Christian/Community Service
Associate Professor of Biblical Worldview

Robert Van Engen, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Christian/Community Service
Assistant Professor of Biblical Worldview

Darren C. Wu, B.S.M.E., M.A.R., Ed.D.
Christian/Community Service Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Biblical Worldview

The Center for Christian/Community Service guides the Academic and Experiential Learning programs in planning, developing and maintaining quality programs. It also seeks to maintain efficient and cost effective measures in the administration and delivery of its programs.

To instruct students in understanding and applying the biblical worldview, to educate them to be servant leaders and to promote, throughout the Liberty community, a life-long practice of caring service.” Philippians 2:4-5; Matthew 28:19-20

The Center for Christian/Community Service seeks to support the University in fulfilling its Mission and Aims by providing experiences for students that:

  1. Promotes the development of the biblical/Christian worldview.
  2. Develops a sense of responsibility to mankind which entails selfless service, and active and clear communication of the Christian faith.
  3. Offers opportunities to explore and practice ways to glorify God and advance the cause of Christ through his/her chosen careers.
  4. Provides avenues to explore ways of displaying Christian commitment and virtue through local churches, or social, civic, athletic, artistic, or scholastic organizations compatible with the University’s mission.

Community Service Experiential Program (CSER)

The Experiential Learning program is designed to assist students in developing and demonstrating competency and proficiency in Christian/Community service. The curriculum is regularly reviewed for quality, and for compliance with accreditation standards. The program is designed to provide opportunities for the students to develop and practice skills in citizenship and social responsibility.

Christian/Community Service is required for each semester of full-time enrollment for all residential undergraduate students whether they are taking residential or Liberty University Online courses. Undergraduate students are considered full-time if they are taking twelve (12) or more credit hours in a given semester.

To graduate from Liberty University, all full-time, residential undergraduate students must successfully complete one CSER requirement for each full-time semester that they are a student, up to eight (8) semesters.

A student’s first two CSER requirements are BWVW 101, Biblical Worldview I, and BWVW 102, Biblical Worldview II. They must then successfully complete at least one CSER for each full-time semester that they are enrolled, up to six (6) more semesters.

To receive CSER credit students may not:

  • Receive monetary compensation
  • Receive academic credit
  • Be awarded a scholarship

A CSER must fit within the framework of the purpose and goals of the department, which may include any, or all, of the following:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Civic and community services (this does not include political campaigning)
  • Community improvement
  • Alleviation of human suffering
  • Assisting the underprivileged and less fortunate
  • Education and development of children/adults
  • Educational assistance
  • Stewardship of the earth (environmental projects, care for animals, etc.)

For more information on CSER visit the website at http://www.liberty.edu/CSER.

Liberty Online Communities

Ted Whitney
Director, Liberty Online Communities

Liberty Online Communities is designed to help online students feel connected, engaged and encouraged. Students are able to connect through streaming video, interactive chat, blogs, Bible studies, volunteer opportunities nearby and social media. Prayer requests can also be submitted through an online portal where Campus Pastors are able to review requests and pray for the student.

For more information on Liberty Online Communities visit the website at http://www.liberty.edu/onlinecommunities.

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