New Employee Orientation

Purpose: To facilitate a positive onboarding experience for new employees of Liberty University.

Deadline Date: New Hire Proposal must be received by this date for any new employee to attend the next NEO.

NEO Start Date: Date new employee should report to the Hancock Welcome Center, unless otherwise noted below.  New employees may park behind the Liberty University Bookstore for the orientation. 

Deadline Date

NEO Start Date

Dec 27, 2016 (Tuesday) January 3, 2017 (Tuesday)
Jan 9, 2017 (Monday) January 16 (Monday)
Jan 25 (Wed) February 1 (Wednesday)
Feb 9 (Thur) February 16 (Thursday)*
  • *School of Law Supreme Courtroom
Feb 22 (Wed) March 1 (Wednesday)
March 9 (Thur) March 16 (Thursday)
March 27 (Mon) April 3 (Monday)*
  • *JFL 001 (Terrace Level)
April 10 (Mon) April 18 (Tuesday)
April 24 (Mon) May 1 (Monday)
May 9 (Tues) May 16 (Tuesday)
May 25 (Thur) June 1 (Thursday)
June 9 (Fri) June 16 (Friday)*
  • *JFL 001 (Terrace Level)
June 28 (Wed) July 5 (Wednesday)*
  • *JFL 001 (Terrace Level)
July  10 (Mon) July 17 (Monday)
July 25 (Tues) August 1 (Tuesday)
August 9 (Wed) August 16 (Wednesday)
August 25 (Fri) September 1 (Friday)
September 11 (Mon) September 18 (Monday)
September 25 (Mon) October 2 (Monday)
October 9 (Mon) October 16 (Monday)
October 25 (Wed) November 1 (Wednesday)
November 9 (Thur) November 16 (Thursday)
November 22 (Wed) December 1 (Friday)


New Hire Proposals should be submitted to HR by the Deadline Date, one week prior to the NEO.  Proposals received after this date will not be permitted to start new employee until the NEO two weeks later.

What to bring: New Employees should bring the following to the New Employee Orientation.

Time: 8AM - Noon  

Location: Hancock Welcome Center (*unless otherwise noted) 

Parking: New employees should park in any legal spot (between two white lines) that is not marked with a sign or handicap reserved, unless legally eligible to do so.

Content: The orientation will include information about the University Mission, tax paperwork, parking, LUID, Employee Handbook and policies, You Matter, a bus tour and employee benefits.

Please check this page for important announcements or changes regarding the New Employee Orientation.