College of General Studies Faculty and Staff

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Ester Warren

Dr. Ester Warren
Dean of College of General Studies


Associate Deans


Dr. Bruce Bell
Associate Dean, Residential



Craig Hammond

Professor Craig Hammond
Associate Dean, Operations

Dr. Benjamin K. Forrest
Associate Dean, Online



 Department Chairs

Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi
Department Chair, English
Professor of English


Prof. Carolyn Towles
Department Chair, General Education English & Professor of General Education English

Dr. Cindy Bunker
Department Chair, Science & Associate Professor

Dr. John Markley
Assessment Coordinator
Association Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Brad Burgess

Professor Brad Burgess
Department Chair, Cultural Studies & Philosophy

Prof. Jamaica Conner
Department Chair, Developmental & Conversational Language Courses

Prof. Amy Hassenpflug
Department Chair, & Assistant Professor of General Studies

Prof. Cindi Perry
Department Chair, Math