NCAA Student-Athlete Insurance Information

NCAA Student-Athlete Insurance Information

This information is provided to NCAA Athletes regarding responsibility for medical expenses and insurance in the event a student-athlete sustains an injury from participating in an intercollegiate sport.  In keeping with the voluntary nature of NCAA programs, the primary source for the payment of costs associated with the treatment of the injuries incurred by student-athletes while participating in an intercollegiate sport is the student-athlete or her or his family.  However, the NCAA does require institutions to certify the existence of insurance coverage for medical expenses resulting from athletically-related injuries sustained by a student-athlete during NCAA-sanctioned competition or supervised practice.  To that end, Liberty University carries a basic accident insurance plan administered by AG Administrators.

The basic accident insurance plan carried by LU is designed to cover only those eligible expenses not paid or reimbursed after a student-athlete’s other insurer(s) have made payment.  Coverage under the accident plan is subject to specific policy terms and conditions and includes certain restrictions and exclusions of which you should be aware.  The policy covers only new injuries that are sustained during NCAA-sanctioned competition or supervised practice.   Pre-existing injuries, off-season (any period not specified by the NCAA as sanctioned practice, or weight lifting in the off-season) injuries, injuries incurred during the season that are not directly related to in-season competition or a supervised practice are not covered. 

The university's basic accident policy will pay covered unreimbursed expenses up to $90,000 per accident limit.  The NCAA provides a catastrophic health insurance plan for incurred costs greater than $90,000.

Coverage under the basic accident plan carried by the LU is in excess of any individual, family or employer group coverage plan.  It will not duplicate benefits, and excludes those bills incurred that were “payable” by the family health insurance plan.

  • The student-athlete and her/his family must follow proper procedures for filing claims with the primary insurance plan. 
  • If parents or students choose not to use the authorized medical providers of their plan, they should be aware that LU basic accident insurance plan will not pay the bills incurred that would have been honored had they used the proper providers or procedures. 
    • For example, if the primary insurance is a HMO, a referral may need to be obtained for the student-athlete to see a physician in our area that may be outside the HMO coverage area.  The LU basic accident insurance plan is only responsible for medical charges that would have been payable had the proper procedures been followed and the proper vendors used.  Please note that the university's sport medicine staff generally refers student-athletes to local area healthcare providers for the provision of medical care.  It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to confirm that the healthcare provider is in the student-athlete‘s insurance network, and to obtain any pre-authorizations required by the student-athlete‘s insurance.  Student-athletes are encouraged to check with their primary insurance plans for information regarding Guest Memberships.  Many carriers offer Guest Memberships when you or any of your dependents will be staying temporarily outside the service area for more than 90 days.

If a student-athlete is injured and generates medical expenses, she/he can help the excess plan provides better service by following these steps and providing the following information:

  • The student athlete should present her/his primary insurance company address and policy number to the attending health care provider.  (This is the student-athlete’s primary insurance company.) 
  • File the claim with your insurer(s) as soon as possible.  Retain copies of itemized bills for use when submitting the claim to the excess insurance plan (NOT BALANCE DUE STATEMENTS).
  • When explanation of benefit (EOB) forms are received from your insurer(s), copies of the EOB forms and copies of itemized bills should be mailed to the following address:
    • A-G Administrators, Inc. Attn: Liberty Claims, P.O. Box 979, Valley Forge, PA, 19482

•   To check the status on a claim, please click this link or call AG Administrators at: 610.933.0800. 


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