Registration & Evaluation for CSER

CSER Registration Instructions

It is quick and easy to register and track hours for Christian Service. Go to the CSER webpage and click the link for registration. Log in.

View your service history or register for new service
Click “Register for Christian Service.” Select the term, then select “Choose a Course” to select a service opportunity.

Need help choosing an opportunity?
Click “What Course Do I Choose?” or visit the CSER webpage.

Select a supervisor
If you are asked to select a supervisor, choose one from the list or click “not listed” and add the supervisor’s name and email address. Always contact your supervisor first before registering for CSER. Click to confirm that you have contacted the supervisor and then sign your name and include a phone number.

Double CSER
You can request double CSER if you are trying to catch up on service hours or if you want to work ahead. Click the info button before selecting this option.

279 / 399 Courses
If you choose a 279 or 399 course, you also need to specify a host church or organization, so use the search box to locate one.

When you have filled out all the information, double check your entries and then click “Submit.” Your registration status will show as “pending.” You’ll get an email when your registration is approved and your status will be updated to “complete.”

Still have questions?
Visit the CSER webpage at