Mileage Allowance


When traveling in groups, sharing of vehicles is required in an effort to reduce costs. If a traveler’s plans require use of a personal vehicle, then the traveler must become an approved driver under Liberty University’s approved driver program prior to the use thereof. In addition, all drivers must be insured by the University.

Travelers can review the processes and procedures for becoming an approved driver via the Transportation Department: Approved University driver process link.

Travelers may be reimbursed for using a personal vehicle for business travel. Personal vehicles can be used for destinations up to eighty (80) miles from the traveler’s place of work.  If a personal vehicle is used when the destination can be reached conveniently and more economically by common carrier, reimbursement for the transportation will not exceed the cost of the common carrier fare.

Use of traveler’s personal vehicle for business use will be reimbursed at the privately owned automobile rate published by the General Services Administration (GSA).  This rate is intended to cover fuel, oil, repairs, and fixed costs such as insurance and depreciation. Proof of mileage in the form of a mileage report (report must include: date/time, destination, purpose of trip, and beginning/ending odometer readings) or a mileage report from an internet application, such as, is required for mileage reimbursement or advances.


Travelers with a P-Card:

If a traveler has a P-Card, the traveler will enter a mileage reimbursement line into the RapidRecon trip report and be reimbursed upon return from travel after submitting an accurate and complete Business Travel Expense Report to Accounting (GH 1600).

Cardholders using their personal vehicles may use their P-Card to purchase fuel, but must deduct the full amount of the fuel expense from the mileage allowance by entering the fuel expense amount in the “Personal Responsibility” field in the RapidRecon line item for fuel. Please refer to the online tutorial for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Travelers without a P-Card:

If a traveler does not have a P-Card, a mileage allowance will be requested through a requisition at least 10 days prior to travel.  The traveler has the option to receive the check either before or after the dates of travel.

  1. Estimate the total number of miles expected to be traveled by the personal vehicle, using an online mileage calculator, such as or
  2. Multiply the number of miles from #1 above by the GSA’s  privately owned automobile rate to calculate the total mileage allowance.
  3. Submit a requisition
    • Use traveler as vendor
    • Use calculated value from #2 as the amount
    • Use a ground travel commodity code (i.e. HXGRND, TBGRND, TPGRND, TRGRND)
    • Note the dates of travel in the document text
    • Specify in the document text  when the check is needed by (either before or after the dates of travel)

If you have a PCard and have questions about the mileage reimbursement procedure, please contact PCard at or by phone at (434) 592-3346.

If you do not have a PCard and have questions about the mileage reimbursement procedure, please contact Procurement at or by phone at (434) 592-3012.