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Military Resources

Military Resources

American Association of Christian Counselors: No matter where you are located within the United States, there are Christian Counselors that are willing and able to help work through any struggles that you might be encountering.


Family Resources: Family members of military service members will experience and encounter unique experiences during their time in the military. Liberty University would like to help provide assistance with information specifically related to spouses and dependants as well as deployments and education benefits through our family resources page.


Initial/Entry Training: While beginning your military training, you will have to juggle many responsibilities between the military, family, and education. We would like to share with you some helpful tips that will assist in making your initial training less stressful for you, your parents, or others who will be helping you take care of your personal, financial and educational matters.

Low Cost Lodging Option for LU Military Students: If you are traveling to Lynchburg for intensives, graduation, or just for a visit, we have a low cost lodging option for you that is close to Liberty’s campus. Your hosts, Chris and Robyn Williams have partnered with a military organization called Cadence International to open their home to military families in the U.S. and across the world traveling to Lynchburg, VA.   


Make the Connection: a website created to connect service members and veterans “with other people, with resources, with symptoms and experiences, and with treatment and support.”  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Military OneSource: Designed and created with military families in mind, Military OneSource was created to provide information on many aspects of military life whether it be legal information, deployment, K-12 and college education.


Military Deployment: Military deployments do not hold to a set schedule and can often interrupt your educational plans. When you are faced with a deployment or unexpected duty, we have a process in place to assist you.