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Withdrawal Policies and Information

Residential Student Course Withdrawal FAQs

  • When a student withdraws from a course, all billing hours will remain on the student's account; no refund will be issued.
  • The course that the student withdraws from cannot be repeated in the same semester.  If the course is required for the student's major, the student must wait until the next semester in order to re-enroll in the course.
  • When a withdrawal is applied to the student's transcript, a "W" will be posted as a final grade for the class.  This grade cannot be altered or removed. The "W" will not affect the student's GPA, but it could affect future financial aid awards.
  • If the student plans to enroll in another course for the semester either as an online course or an intensive, the student must calculate the total number of hours he or she will have for the semester, including the course(s) that the student has withdrawn from.  If the number is higher than 18 hours, the student will be charged for a course overload. In order to add additional hours over 18 credits, the student must obtain overload approval from the department chair for 19 to 20 hours or the dean of the student's department for 21 hours or higher. The student will also be required to cover the charges for the extra credit hours.

Example: If you are currently enrolled in 16 credit hours and you withdraw from a course, your hours as stated above will not change. As a result, adding another three credit hour course will cause an overload charge of one credit hour to be added to your account. 

  • For undergraduate residential courses, the student may withdraw from the course up until the the course withdrawal deadline, which is typically around the 11th week of the semester (see the academic calendar for the exact date for this deadline for both undergraduate and graduate courses).  For an online course, the student may withdraw from the course until the final day of class.
  • Online students desiring to withdraw from a class must contact LUO Advising, (877)298-9615.
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