Play SCVNGR everywhere! At your favorite cafe, gym, theater, park, restaurant. Check-in. Try a challenge. Share where you are & what you're up to with your friends. You deserve 'em! Do challenges to earn points and unlock badges & real-world rewards.


What is SCVNGR?

SCVNGR is a game. Playing is simple: Go places. Do challenges. Earn points! You'll unlock badges and rewards and share where you are and what you're up to with friends.

A Challenge! What's that?

A challenge is a quick, fun, casual thing to do at a place. Things like checking-in (1 pt), snapping a picture (2 pts), scanning a QR code (2 pts), completing some activity (2-5 pts) or doing the social check-in by bumping phones with your friends (2 pts for each person you check-in with). Of course, the whole fun of challenges is that anyone can create them at their favorite places. Make fun things for your friends to do, for your patrons, or just for random strangers discovering the places you love.

How do I play SCVNGR?

Start by grabbing the free app for iPhone & Android. Then go to a place. Do challenges there. And earn points!.

Is SCVNGR a scavenger hunt?

No. SCVNGR is very different from a scavenger hunt. SCVNGR is a short-form casual game. Scavenger hunts are long-form active games.

Want to Create a Challenge?

Your department can set up their own challenge on SCVNGR!

For more information or help setting up a challenge for your department, please 
email Candace Lumpkin.