Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics: Commercial/Corporate

Aeronautics: Commercial/Corporate (B.S.)

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Residential Program

Liberty University School of Aeronautics has many faculty and staff who have served in commercial and corporate fields of the aviation industry. Our primary goal is to offer you a first class training program that allows you to gain your commercial pilots license. This program gives you a real sense of what to expect upon graduation as you seek employment in either the commercial or corporate sector of the job market.

Simulation Training

In our commercial pilot program, you will have the opportunity to use our CRJ-200 Regional Jet simulator as part of the Advanced Jet Systems course (recommended for the Airline Hiring Agreements). This is the capstone course for the commercial degree, and it consists of two classes, Advanced Jet Systems and Advanced Jet Training.

This course is designed to replicate an airline "New Hire" class in order to give you a feel for what to expect once you graduate and join either the airlines or a corporate charter business. Our faculty who teach the course have flown the CRJ-200 and have taught New Hire classes for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA), now know as Express Jet Airlines.

Students will receive a certificate of completion for this course in addition to the grades on their final transcript. 

Hiring Agreements

The School of Aeronautics has signed hiring agreements with ExpressJet, SkyWestAmerican Eagle and Piedmont Airlines. Our program was the 7th school in the nation to receive the FAA reduced ATP minimums of 1000 hours. 

Academic Information


Sampling of program courses:

  • AVIA 350 - Airline Operations (3)
  • AVIA 360 - Corporate/Business Aviation (3)
  • AVIA 430 - Multi-Engine Theory/Advanced Aircraft Systems (3)
  • AVIA 460 - Aviation Interview and Etiquette Techniques (2)

Program of Study

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CRJ-200 Regional Jet simulator:

CRJ Regional Jet SimulatorCRJ-200 Regional Jet simulator