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Student Court


The Student Court exists to mediate any disputes that may arise between members of the Student Government Association.

The Justices of the Student Court also serve on the Traffic Court, which hears student appeals of traffic and parking citations issued by LUPD.


Megan Snyder, Chief JusticeMegan Snyder
Chief Justice

My name is Megan Snyder and I am a senior studying Pre-Law, Government, and Criminal Justice. I am passionate about helping students, growing relationships, and creating workable systems to benefit the student body. The SGA Courts continues to grow me as a leader and as a teammate as I am blessed to work alongside great men and women to promote justice and mercy at Liberty University.









Emma Hall
Associate Justice


Matt Jones
Associate Justice


Andrew Hilty
Associate Justice


John Sharp
Associate Justice


General inquiries regarding the Student Court can be directed to any of the Justices of the Court.

Traffic Appeals

The appeal hearing process for traffic and parking citations works as follows:

1. Retain your citation slip and submit your appeal in to LUPD. Be concise while providing all relevant details; the Court would like to have a clear idea of your appeal rationale.
2. LUPD will process and transfer your appeal documentation to the Court.
3. The Court will review the appeal documentation. The Court may reach a decision right away, but in some cases where information is lacking or circumstances are unclear, the appellant will be asked to come in person for an appeal hearing.
4. If you receive an in-person hearing, the Court will give you ample time to express your appeal verbally, and will ask you questions to better understand your position.
5. The Court will communicate its decision (with a brief rationale) to you within three business days. The decision of the Court is final.
6. Any monetary change will be reflected in your student account shortly after LUPD processes the decision of the Court.

Student Court Suits/Appeals

In most cases, disputes between members of the Student Government Association resolve themselves before judicial action is necessary. Community and understanding are two of the values that SGA seeks to foster, and the members of SGA have been exemplary in demonstrating those qualities. Because of the historical lack of necessity for Student Court action, there exists no formal process for resolving suits/appeals.

However, in the event of a suit/appeal from a member of SGA, the Court will take every step to ensure a fair and impartial hearing to all parties involved.

If you have an issue to bring to the Court's attention, please submit your suit/appeal to any Justice of the Student Court. Contact information for the Justices is listed above. If the issue is related to Judicial misconduct, please reference the Constitutional guidance on judicial impeachment and submit your complaint to the appropriate committee in the House or Senate.

As with any professional writing, the Court recommends that your written submission be concise.

Serving on the Student Court

The Court has historically been made up of one Chief Justice and four Associate Justices. The Chief Justice has the authority to appoint Judicial Assistants and Clerks of the Court as he or she desires. Currently, the Court has no open Justice positions, though this page will be updated as that changes.

However, in recognition of the fact that Judicial service has been and continues to be an excellent venue through which student leaders can serve their peers, the Chief Justice welcomes the opportunity to hear from any student who desires to join the Judicial branch.

Please contact the Chief Justice, Megan Snyder, at any time.

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