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The Center for Judaic Studies and the Liberty Biblical Museum

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Latest News:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited the Center for Judaic Studies and the Liberty Biblical Museum

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited the Center for Judaic Studies and the Liberty Biblical Museum

See more about the visit

700 Club features Dr. Randall Price on Archaeological Discoveries in ancient Israel at Qumran dig.

Dr. Randall Price Discoveries at Qumran, Israel

View the full interview with Price on CBN's website

The Messiah in the Passover

Now you can watch this great presentation by Dr. Mitch Glaser as it was recorded on March 17, 2014.

Dr. Randall Price wins Bronze Telly Award for "The Bible on Trial"

Find out more on the Lutheran Hour Documentary.

The Center for Judaic Studies

Part of the Liberty University School of Religion, the Center for Judaic Studies offers students preparing for Christian ministry or service a biblical perspective of the Jewish mission. It also equips the Church in making a biblical response to the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel. Our program in Jewish Studies provides instruction to students at the undergraduate level to prepare them for graduate studies, for Jewish outreach ministries, and for academic careers in the field of Judaic studies.

The Liberty Biblical Museum

Part of the Center for Judaic Studies, the Liberty Biblical Museum is a unique educational collection of authentic biblical-era artifacts that provide the historical and cultural background of the Jewish people over a 4,000 year period. The exhibits give faculty, students and the public access to a firsthand encounter with the ancient past and a realistic touchpoint with the facts of the biblical faith. The museum is open the same hours as the Center for Judaic Studies and small groups or classes may schedule tours with our office.

Explore the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Explore the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
Why Jewish Studies?

The Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, came to us through Jewish hands. Jesus and His disciples were Jewish, as was the Apostle Paul who spearheaded the outreach of the Gospel to the Gentiles. The history of the Church reveals an ignorance of Christianity’s Jewish roots and therefore, a misunderstanding of and an adversarial relationship with the Jewish people. Evangelical Christians have recognized that God chose the Jewish people and the Land of Israel to fulfill His redemptive program for mankind. Since its founding, Liberty University has supported this understanding and the modern Jewish State as evidence of God’s faithfulness to His biblical promises. Training in Jewish studies enables Christian students to impact their world academically, spiritually, and politically with a biblical and balanced worldview of Israel and the Jewish people. Details >>

A Note from the Director

“Our goal is to equip students academically and spiritually to serve the Lord in personal and professional ministry with an understanding of God’s plan for Israel and with an awareness of Christianity’s historical relationship and indebtedness to the Jewish people.”
- Dr. Randall Price, Ph.D., Executive Director

Current & Upcoming Courses & Events:

Christ in the Passover Presentation"Christ in the Passover" Presentation

with Stephen Katz of
Jews for Jesus

Monday, March 23 | 7-8:30 p.m. | Towns Alumni Hall (SOR)

Witness a presentation of the traditional Passover Seder, a biblical feast where the story of the exodus from Egypt is retold. Details »

Free Admission, Open to All

Spring 2015

Messianic Prophecy BIBL 432Messianic Prophecy
BIBL 432 (3 cr.)

A systematic study of the Hebrew prophecies regarding the Messiah and their fulfillment in the New Testament. Details »

The Middle East Conflict in Biblical Perspective THEO 450 / GOVT 450Middle East Conflict in Biblical Perspective
THEO 450 / GOVT 450 (3 cr.)

This course traces the causes, development, consequences, and outcome of the Middle East conflict from a biblical and
Christian Zionist perspective. Details »

Summer 2015

Travel to Israel and Earn Course Credit

Travel to Israel and Earn Course Credit
Israel Adventure Study Tour
BIBL 434 (3 cr.)

with Dr. & Mrs. Randall Price

JUNE 9-21, 2015
(Optional JORDAN extension June 21-25, 2015)

Join us on a journey through the lands of the Bible. Study history, archaeology, geography, religion, and culture under the expertise of Dr. Randall Price. With few exceptions, this trip provides you with the opportunity to earn three credits in one of the following courses: BIBL 104, BIBL 105, BIBL 110, BIBL 330, BIBL 434, BIBL 471, BIBL 472, BIBL 473

Offered through the School of Religion, Biblical and Theological Studies Department and in conjunction with the Center for Judaic Studies.

Details »

The Authentic Last Supper ExhibitThe Authentic Last Supper Exhibit

Focuses on the events of the final hours of Jesus' life and His message to His disciples and us all. The Authentic Last Supper exhibit features a restored Upper Room complete with a Roman-Judean triclinium table set with original, 1st century vessels that would have been at the original Last Supper. Details »