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International Admissions Staff

Dr. William Wegert

Dean, International Student Programs

Office of International Student Services

Phone - (434) 592-5095

Email -

Hometown:  Toledo, Ohio

Favorite Food:  Salad

Bible Verse:  Psalm 34:3 “Oh glorify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.”

Time at Liberty:  31 years

Countries visited: 11

Sharon Bloomfield

Associate Director of International Student Programs

 International Canadian Admissions

Office of International Student Services

Phone - (434) 592-3026

Email -

Hometown - London, Ontario

Favorite Canadian food - Butter tarts and Smarties

Favorite Bible verse - Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite part of my job? Assisting all International students in coming to the greatest Christian university.

Ashley Gryder

Graduate and International Admissions Operations Coordinator

Phone - (434) 592-5095

Email -

Hometown - Plattsburgh, NY

Favorite Bible verse - 1 Timothy 1:15

Favorite place on campus - Hancock Welcome Center

Favorite part of the job -  Planning and participating in welcoming students to our campus!

What advice do you give future international students?  Coming to college can be a scary experience, let alone coming to a new country. Trust God and reach out for help whenever needed.

Ana Vangarde

International Admissions Specialist for Undergraduate Students Inside the U.S., Re-Admits (inside  the U.S.), South and Central America, Brazil and ELI Spanish Speaking Countries.

Phone - (434) 592-7455

Email -

Hometown - Lima, Peru

Favorite place on campus - The International Student Center. It provides the perfect environment to get to know other international students while having a good time playing Domino's or simply engaging in conversations.

What sets Liberty University apart from other schools? I attended a secular school in Peru. At that time, all I cared about was a good and affordable education, but little did I know, academic education itself does not guarantee success in life. It is the spiritual aspect of man that needs to be developed along with professional training. Attending a University that promotes not only mere academic education, but also spiritual formation is the best advantage that can be offered to a student who desires to discover what to do with their life.

What advice do you give future International students? I know that the idea of studying abroad can sometimes be a little intimidating, especially considering cultural and language barriers, however, Liberty has taken into account all these different concepts in the continuous search to develop programs that allow a gradual adaption process.

Nataliya Lowe

International Admissions Specialist for readmits outside the US, Canadians, and students outside the US except for Central & South America

Phone - (434) 592-7438

Email -

Hometown - Kharkiv, Ukraine

Favorite place on campus - Reber Thomas Dining Hall

What sets Liberty University apart from other schools? It's the largest Christian University in the world!

What advice do you give future International students? Persevere and your dreams will come true!

Jin Pan

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor for All Chinese Undergraduate Students, English Language Institute (ELI), and ELI/Undergraduate & International Recruiting Assistant

Phone - (434) 592-5406

Email -

Semy Rhee

International Operations Specialist for All Korean Undergraduate Students (inside and outside the U.S.), English Language Institute (ELI) except for Spanish Speaking countries, Students from the Bahamas and Vietnam.

Phone - (434) 592-3028

Email -

Education - B.A. in English, Liberty University. Pursing Master's degree

Hometown - Uijeongbu, South Korea

Favorite place on campus - Hancock Welcome Center

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? Some of my teachers in high school were graduates of Liberty, and they introduced me to the school.

What advice do you give future International students? If you choose to open your mind and embrace the opportunities at Liberty, you will be able to grow and mature in a diverse community and an intellectually stimulating environment.

Ellie Nixon

Coordinator of International Recruitment

Phone - (434) 592-4146

Email -

Favorite place on campus- The Vines Center during Convocation

What advice do you give future international students? Take full advantage of all that Liberty University has to offer-get involved and step outside your comfort zone. Studying abroad WILL change your life-make memories that you will cherish forever!

Student Workers

Simona Stefanakova

Home - Slovakia
Major - International Business


Liberti Todd

Home - Toronto,Canada
Major - Music and Worship w/ Womans Leadership


Skype IntlStu.Liberty