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Liberty University Purchasing Card (P-Card)

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Was revised and effective 1/1/12. Please make note of all changes and contact us if you have any questions or need clarification.  P-Card Po
Was revised and effective 1/1/12The Liberty University Purchasing Card (P-Card) is the preferred payment method for most purchases under $2,500. If you have a question, contact the P-Card Office.

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Student Clubs/Agency Funds
P-Cards may no longer be used to access agency funds (this includes student club funds beginning with 803). Please see the newly effective Agency Fund Policy and Procedures for more details, including the appropriate method to withdraw funds. 


Known RapidRecon Issues:

Duplicate Transactions
The duplicate transactions error is resolved.  Please reconcile transactions that were affected by this issue.  Please call the P-Card office with any questions.

Do not use apostrophes in the vendor field of a trip line item. RapidRecon will return an error of "Quoted string not properly terminated" while reconciling if there is an apostrophe.

Per Diem Allowance
Do not click on the Per Diem Allowance line to modify it once you have reconciled any per diem transactions to it, as doing so will skew the "Amount due Traveler" on your travel expense report.

If the "Amount due Traveler" is incorrect as a result of the per diem, print and attach the "Transaction Find Report" with all other trip documentation. Enter your trip number from RapidRecon into the "Order No" field and all transactions reconciled to the trip will show.

AutoComplete/Account Code Errors
If a dropdown list of commodity codes entered in the past appears when you start typing in a commodity code, continue typing and do not select the commodity code from the dropdown list. Choosing from the dropdown may result in an incorrectly populating account code. Always d
ouble check your commodity code and your account code are correct before submitting your transactions to your approver.

Forms & Applications

P-Card Application
          To apply for a new P-Card
Cardholder Agreement
          To agree to P-Card Policies and Procedures; must be signed before receiving a P-Card
Request for Fund/Org Access
          To gain access to reconcile to a fund or organization code
P-Card Addendum
          To make changes to an issued P-Card
Incentive Reporting Form
          To document gifts or incentives given on behalf of the University
Missing Receipt Form
          If a duplicate cannot be obtained from the merchant
Sales Tax Exemption Form
          By accessing this form, you agree to use the form to purchase goods for Liberty University purposes only.
Travel Checklist
          To complete prior to submitting your business travel expense report to Accounting
Travel Policy Acknowledgement Letter
          Must be signed each fiscal year if you have travel permissions on your P-Card
Per Diem Calculator

RapidRecon Instructions/Tutorials

Create and Reconcile an Order
Reconcile Multiple Transactions to One Order
Create a Trip Log
Reconcile Travel Transactions
Personal Vehicle Mileage
Reconcile One Transaction to Multiple Line Items
Common RapidRecon Errors
Re-Reconcile Rejected Transactions
Create Order/Trip Templates
Transaction Find Report
Approve Transactions

Other Helpful Materials

P-Card Policy
P-Card Violation Procedures
Transaction Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BB&T Online Account
BB&T Online Account Tutorial

P-Card Quick Reference Guide (Trifold)

Commodity Codes
Fund Codes
Organization/Index Codes
Program Codes

Training Materials
RapidRecon Training Site
In-Class Presentation
Approver Presentation

Purchasing Card Newsletters

Vol 5, No. 3 - Fall 2013
Vol 4, No. 2 - Summer 2013
Vol 4, No. 1 - Spring 2013
Vol 3, No. 3 - Fall 2012

Vol 3, No. 2 - Summer 2012
Vol 3, No. 1 - Spring 2012
Vol 2, No. 4 - Winter 2012
Vol 2, No. 3 - Fall 2011


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Julie Slagle
Purchasing Card Manager
(434) 592-3048

Genette Bartlett
Purchasing Card Coordinator
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