Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

MUSC 106 - Harmonic Practices and Theory II


Continuation of MUSC 105. Harmonic analysis, part-writing techniques, and chord construction are taught in conjunction with the Nashville Number System, jazz analysis, and traditional figured bass. Principles of tonal music are explored including major-minor seventh chords, major-major seventh chords, minor seventh chords, secondary dominant and leading tone chords, and altered or borrowed chords. Harmonic analysis, part-writing, and construction of rhythm charts are emphasized. In-class Praxis provides students opportunity to reinforce learned concepts through collaborative group performance-based learning projects. (Formerly WMUS 104)

Prerequisite: MUSC 105; Co-requisite: must be taken concurrently with MUSC 108; Group or private piano instruction for students needing to successfully pass the Piano Proficiency Examination (PPE)

Credits: 3

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