Graduate Catalog 2014-2015 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

NURS 742 - Nursing Seminar: Issues in Global Health


This seminar is designed to provide the student with knowledge and skills to address global health issues through assessment, interventions, planning and evaluation to promote health at the individual/family/population level. Students will explore cultural intelligence and develop strategies to deliver culturally competent care. Care and treatment of common diseases and conditions seen in underdeveloped and developing countries will be discussed within the context of issues such as poverty, societal norms and values. The impact of globalization on the delivery of health care in United States will also be examined.

Admission into the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program/Family Nurse Practitioner Specialization, NURS 735, 736, 737, (co-requisites 838)

Credits: 2

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