Worship Team

Worship Team

The worship team consists of seven members with hearts devoted to honoring God by leading students in a creative expression of worship through music. Our desire is to worship God as a lifestyle and not just from the stage. We do not desire to entertain but to play music that will affect lives. It is our prayer to be a vessel that the Lord uses to speak to students.

Richard Gatton 

Worship Team Leader - Keys


YQ E-mail: rgatton@liberty.edu
Hometown: Warner Robins, Ga.
Year: Senior 
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? I joined YouthQuest because I think it is a special and unique opportunity for our team to reach out to students by partnering with churches. I'm passionate about teaching students God's truths through worship and I believe YouthQuest provides students with the opportunity to experience worship and Bible study in an unfamiliar way. In return, students are further equipped to go forward in their youth groups and churches, growing and impacting their schools and friend circles. Our team has the ability to be a part of teaching young people that could grow up to be leaders in their churches and communities. I'm glad to be a part of a ministry that believes in today's students and dedicates their work for God's glory.


Caleb Croom 

Vocals & Guitar 


YQ E-mail: ccroom1@liberty.edu
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Music & Worship 
Why YQ? Youthquest is an amazing ministry that gives students a great opportunity to encounter Jesus in a way that they may never have before. I am honored to be one small part of a fantastic team who strives every day to share the love of Jesus with everyone they meet!

Harmony Tetmeyer 



YQ E-mail: htetmeyer1@liberty.edu
Hometown: Pilot Point, Texas
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Music Worship 
Why YQ? I have such a passion for the youth of our generation, specifically the young girls that feel forced to listen to the voice of the world. I want to be able to show the youth the amazing and loving Father that is constantly seeking us out individually so that we may know Him! YouthQuest is such an incredible ministry that equips me and each team member to do that very thing! God has allowed me on this team and I thank Him every day for it because without Christ I would have no part in YouthQuest. 

Matthew Baker

Electric Guitar


YQ E-mail: mpbaker@liberty.edu
Hometown: Dade City, Florida
Year: Junior 
Major: Electrical Engineering
Why YQ? YouthQuest is the perfect opportunity to show students how much they are loved by their Savior! I want to use every gift God has given me to show them that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life!

Aaron Chase



YQ E-mail: achase17@liberty.edu
Hometown: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Year: Senior 
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? When I found out about YouthQuest's Mission and purpose my freshman year I was amazed by the ministry. I tried out and chose YouthQuest because I wanted to worship God through music and serve His church with fellow students. It is truly a blessing and humbling gift that God has given to me and my teammates!

Josh Campbell

Bass Guitar


YQ E-mail: jlcampbell1@liberty.edu
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Year: Freshman
Major: Business Administration- Communication
Why YQ? Looking back on my years in middle and high school, I can see the incredible impact that the church had in my life. If it wasn't for the intentionality of the leaders in the church and their heart for discipleship, I'm sure I would e in a completely different place today. That's why YouthQuest. I am so excited that God is using me to reach youth in the most pivotal points of their life. My heart is overjoyed at the opportunity of bringing lives to Christ and sharing His love. 

Nathan Caudel 

Sound Technician


YQ E-mail: nvcaudel@liberty.edu
Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska
Year: Freshman
Major: Music and Worship: Worship Technologies(Audio)
Why YQ? I chose YouthQuest because of the opportunity to serve and share Christ in student's lives during such a pivotal time of their life. What makes it even better is that I can use one of the things that I love to help do that namely music and worship.