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Hancock Welcome Center

Are you an off-campus recruiter? Liberty University regularly welcomes off-campus recruiters from approved programs to our campus!

Submit Request

To attain approval, please send us your request via email. In your request, please include:

  1. name of your organization
  2. exact names of those who will represent your organization
  3. list of all requested dates and times for recruiting
  4. desired location to set up your display or information booth
    1. The optimal days and times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9am and 2pm, and the locations may be chosen from between the DeMoss Hall or Green Hall Lobby.

We would be glad to review your request and notify you as soon as possible.

Student Follow-Up

After your recruiting event, please send us a copy of your student interest list, so that we can follow-up with these students.

We appreciate your interest in partnership!