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Liberty University Emergency Information

Current Operating Status

Liberty University is operating under normal conditions. 

Weather Emergencies

Please visit Ready.gov for further information on preparedness.

If you are able, please ensure that you have food and water on hand in your Residence Hall in case of emergency. LUPD will always have additional staffing on hand at all times during Weather Emergencies.

  • Floods
    • Listen to local TV or radio for weather watches and warnings.
      • Flood Watch or Flash Flood Watch: Issued when conditions are favorable for flooding or flash flooding. It does not mean that flooding or flash flooding will occur, but is possible
      • Flood Warning: Issued when flooding is imminent or occurring
      • Flash Flood Warning: Issued when flash flooding is imminent or occurring.
    • Be ready to evacuate. Don't return to your home, apartment or residence hall until officials say it is safe. Use common sense and caution.
    • Do not walk through moving water. Six inches of water can knock a person off of their feet.
    • Remember that after a flood, it could be hours or days before emergency personnel are able to reach you.

    Know the Road Conditions Before you Leave:

    • Do not drive into flooded areas. Many cars will start to float in as little as 1 foot of water. If your vehicle becomes surrounded by rising water, get out quickly and move to higher ground.
    • Flood water can cut off access to roads. Be ready to stay where you are until flood waters recede.
    • Know the road conditions before you leave. Check the website, 511 Virginia or call 511 for real-time traffic information and road conditions.
    • The Virginia Department of Transportation offers the latest road reports and closures during a major flooding event.
  • Shelter in Place

    When sheltering-in-place, you will be safest by moving to the interior of a building area that protects you from the danger. Do not lock doors behind you as others may need to shelter-in-place as well.

    • Remain calm.
    • Immediately seek shelter within the closest sturdy building. Act quickly and do not wait until the danger is readily apparent.
    • Once inside, stay away from windows and dangerous objects. Stay put until the danger passes. Do not personally check on a situation. The emergency alert system will be utilized to provide information, including when it is safe to emerge.
    • Seek shelter in interior rooms, corridors, and hallways when possible.
    • Do not utilize elevators.
    • Await instructions from LU Alerts and Emergency Responders.
    • Do not leave until an "All Clear" is received, unless there is an emergency that forces you to vacate the area.

    During a tornado or high wind situation, shelter at the lowest level possible, crouching near the floor and seeking additional shelter under a sturdy table or desk, covering your head with your hands.

    Always use common sense.

To Report an Emergency

Dial 3911 from any Liberty University phone or (434) 592-3911 from any cell or off-campus phone. Pre-programming your phone with this number (including area code) will save time during an emergency.

During an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, you will be notified by:

  • The outdoor sirens of the Liberty University Emergency Warning System
  • Announcement on myLU
  • Mass email to all Liberty University email addresses
  • Announcement on The Journey radio 88.3 FM

A second notice will be distributed when safety has been restored.

Have you witnessed or been the victim of a crime?

If so, then it is important to know what rights and what resources are available to you. The LUPD Victim/Witness Information Form was created to do just that. Take the time to read and understand the information on this form. You are not alone!

Bomb Threats

In the event that you receive a telephone bomb threat:

  • Remain calm
  • Keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible
  • Gather any information that the caller is willing and able to give you
  • Listen for any sounds that may give clues to the caller's whereabouts and/or the identity of the caller
  • Contact LUPD immediately

During the call, use the Bomb Threat Checklist Form.

Response to an Active Shooter: Run. Hide. Fight.


(434) 592-3911

(434) 592-7641

LUPD is Available 24/7

(434) 455-0375 (fax)


Green Hall, Room T725


7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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