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SHRM Bylaws

Table of Contents

Article I: Organizational Summary
Article II:Objectives
Article III Membership
Article IV :Organizational Structure
Article V: Executive Council
Article VI Executive Council Elections
Article VII Meetings
Article VIII: Finances
Article IV: Executive Council Elections
Article IX: Parliamentary Procedures

Article I: Organizational Summary

I.   This organization shall be known as the Liberty University Society for Human Resource Management (LU SHRM) chapter of the national Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization.

II.  The purpose of LU SHRM is to glorify God through providing its student members with opportunities for personal and professional development as its members partner with national SHRM to support and promote the human resource profession.

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Article II:Objectives

LU SHRM will:     

I.    Ensure that every activity and decision be founded on the unified belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

II.   Conduct professional, educational, and developmental meetings and events for its members.    

III.  Provide opportunities for career development through work-related experiences.

IV.   Promote the Human Resource profession by partnering with national SHRM and promoting the Liberty University School of Business' Human Resource Management academic program.

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Article III: Membership

Any student enrolled in classes at Liberty University may become a member of this chapter. Equal membership privileges will be given to all members of this organization. This chapter shall not discriminate against any member or potential member on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, ancestry, or citizenship status.

Students wishing to join LU SHRM will need to be an active student member in good standing with the national SHRM organization. 

Member involvement and benefits shall include, but are not limited to: participation in general meetings, sponsoring chapter meetings, projects such as fundraising, the mentoring program, and the opportunity to attend and participate in any professional or student conferences.

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Article IV :Organizational Structure

LU SHRM will be composed of an Executive Council, which includes a Faculty Advisor, Co-Advisor, President, Vice President, Secretary, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, Director of Recruitment, Director of Training & Development, and Director of Information Technology. In addition to the members of the Executive Council there will be two chairs: Chair of the Merit Award and Chair of Fundraising. This council will be the developing and coordinating body responsible to the general membership of the chapter.

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Article V: Executive Council

Robert’s rules of order shall govern all parliamentary procedures unless otherwise specified.

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Article VI: Executive Council

President:  The President is responsible for leading the executive team and LU SHRM in congruence with the organizational mission. The President must lead by example, working closely with the Advisor and the Vice President to plan meetings and activities. The President must also work closely with the executive team to ensure everyone understands his or her respective tasks and duties, helping each to reach his or her full potential. The President will coordinate and receive approval for all chapter activities and decisions through the Faculty Advisor.

Vice President: The Vice President works with the President to accomplish tasks, duties and responsibilities. The Vice President is in charge of completing and submitting the Merit Award, with help from the Chair of the Merit Award. The Vice President needs to be responsible for taking the President’s position in event of an emergency or in the event the President resigns or is terminated.  

Secretary: The Secretary is in charge of overseeing all communication between the Executive Council, general members, professionals, and guests. This includes taking accurate minutes at all meetings and communicating via email, phone, or other necessary media to the Executive Council, general members, professionals, and guests regarding upcoming events and announcements.  

Director of Finance: The Director of Finance is responsible for managing the chapter’s funds through maintaining the approved budget for all LU SHRM activities. The Director of Finance will also oversee the Chair of Fundraising.

Director of Marketing: The Director of Marketing is responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan to include all promotional materials necessary to successfully execute the plan.

Director of Recruitment: The Director of Recruitment must enthusiastically use recruitment strategies to attract prospective members to LU SHRM and increase membership. The Director of Recruitment must also motivate members with excitement to assist in recruiting members.

Director of Training and Development: The Director of Training and Development is responsible for coordinating all professional development activities for the student members of the organization, as well as overseeing the mentorship program.

Director of Information Technology: The Director of Information Technology is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the LU SHRM website and all vehicles of social media communication. The Director of Information Technology will work closely with the President and Director of Marketing to ensure technology is used to communicate the image, brand and message of LU SHRM.

Each member of the executive council shall be responsible for his or her specific duties as well as promoting SHRM, LU SHRM’s mission, as well as the Human Resource Management academic program at Liberty University.

As all members of the Executive Council perform specific administrative functions, all officers are to assist each other as needed in the efficient and professional performance of their respective duties. Any members, officers, or advisors may propose a project or program to the Executive Council where it will later be reviewed. If approved, the Executive Council will create a committee to carry out the proposed project. Committees shall coordinate their efforts with those of an appropriate Executive Council member, who will serve in an advising and development capacity.

To hold an Executive Council position the following requirements must be maintained/completed:

I.     Beliefs consistent with the Liberty University doctrinal statement

II.    GPA of 3.0 or higher [verified by the advisor at least twice per academic year.

III.   Human Resource Management requirements:

a. Officially declared HRM specialization or minor

b. Completion of, or current enrollment in at least 6 credit hours of HRM unless otherwise approved by the Faculty Advisor

                    IV.    National SHRM member in good standing

                     V.    Fulfillment of all duties, obligations, and assigned task

VI.    Attendance at all meetings, both executive and general, unless expressly excused by both Student President and the Faculty Advisor

VII.   Positive, Christ-like attitude, demonstrated through professional and personal
        demeanor/behavior at all times

If any officer fails to meet any of the above requirements, the Student President and Faculty Advisor(s) shall take the following actions concerning said officer:

 I.          Oral Warning

II.          Written Warning

III.         Dismissal from Executive Council

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Article VII: Meetings

Notice of the time and place of each meeting shall be posted not less than seven days before the meeting.

A quorum shall consist of at least fifty-one percent of all residential, voting members. Such a quorum may transact any business which may properly be brought before the meeting, except as otherwise indicated in these bylaws.

At all meetings of the members, the President, or if absent, the Vice President, shall preside as Chair. In the absence of said officers, a majority of the members present shall elect the Chair.

Every regular member of the chapter in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any matter of the chapter’s business to be acted upon by vote of the membership.

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Article VIII: Finances

The Director of Finance will preside over a budget committee task force comprised of general members. The budget committee will review financial issues and requests, as well as create the LU SHRM budget for the next academic year. The budget will be presented to the general members for additional input and the executive team will have final approval.

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Article IX: Executive Council Elections

 Robert’s rules of order shall govern all parliamentary procedures unless otherwise specified

Elections for all positions shall be held annually at the time designated by the Executive Council. Elections should be held no later than four weeks before the end of Spring Semester. Elections will be conducted through private ballot. The Faculty Advisor and one graduating senior chapter member will count the votes.

Upon completion of the elections and appointments of the new Executive Council, the LU SHRM advisor will verify the requirement checklist is completed.  Once verified, the Executive Council will be sworn in at the next official LU SHRM meeting/event.

If needed, the President, with approval by the LU SHRM advisor, shall fill a sudden vacancy on the Executive Council by appointing a temporary replacement. The matter shall then be brought to the attention of the general chapter membership. The membership will then follow the nominating/voting process for an election to select a member for the vacant position.

If the Faculty Advisor position becomes vacant, the general membership of this chapter will nominate a professor of the Liberty University School of Business. An offer to fill the vacant position will then be presented to the professor for acceptance. The chosen advisor must be a member in good standing of national SHRM.

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Article X: Parliamentary Procedures

The by-laws of this chapter may be amended at any time by the deciding vote of the general members of LU SHRM. In compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order, any proposed amendments must be posted for all members to review two weeks prior to the amendment- voting day. The Faculty Advisor(s) will be required to attend and supervise any/all of these meeting.

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