Policy Handbook for Students

LU Serve - CSER Official Policy Handbook

The following information needs to be read and understood by both Liberty students and supervisors who work with Liberty students. Any questions or concerns not covered by the following policies should be directed to LU Serve. 

To fulfill LU Serve (CSER) graduation requirements, students and supervisors must :  

  1. Understand the criteria of what constitutes a CSER before selecting a CSER opportunity
  2. Complete enrollment into CSER course
  3. Complete their CSER hours in their selected CSER Opportunity
  4. Complete a self-evaluation and receive an evaluation from their supervisor. 

The following policies are arranged in an FAQ format to facilitate understanding.

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Section I: Criteria
Section II: Enrollment
Section III: Participation
Section IV: Evaluation and Credit

Policy Handbook for Supervisors

LU Serve Supervisors are expected to be familiar with the information in both the Official Policy Handbook as well as this one specially designed for them. After reading the Official Policy Handbook please read the Supervisor Handbook.

Supervisor Handbook
Supervisor Dashboard Instructions

Note: All forms of the masculine pronoun are used in the generic sense throughout this document. Also, all references to Christian/Community Service or LU Serve will henceforth be designated by "CSER." 

A. What are the primary responsibilities of a CSER supervisor?

As a CSER Supervisor of Liberty University students I:

  1. Agree to read and abide by the CSER Supervisor Handbook (link above)
  2. Understand that each student is required to fulfill a minimum of 20 hours per semester to receive a passing grade, and will provide adequate opportunity for each one to fulfill this requirement.
  3. Understand that if I require more than 20 hours over the course of the semester, I agree to inform students of this before enrolling them.
  4. Understand that it is my responsibility to communicate with every student at the beginning of the semester when they are to report to begin their CSER. I will immediately contact any student that fails to show up.
  5. Agree to properly orient each student volunteer with regard to the overall mission of this agency/organization as well as legal matters, issues of confidentiality, emergency protocol, and any other matters of importance.
  6. Understand that students are not to receive academic credit, scholarship, or monetary compensation for the work that they do for CSER credit.
  7. Understand that the student to supervisor ratio should be no greater than 15:1.
  8. Agree to complete the online evaluation form with the student and assign a final grade in a timely manner after the students have fulfilled their required hours.
  9. Agree to hold students accountable for their commitments once they have scheduled their time to aid their learning of time management and development of integrity.
  10. Agree to try to solve any problems encountered with the student with them first. If my efforts do not resolve the problem, I understand that I should contact the CSER office for assistance.
  11. Agree to notify the CSER office in the event that I will no longer be serving as a CSER supervisor.
  12. Understand that should I violate any part of this contract, I may forfeit the privilege to supervise CSER students.

The above terms must be agreed to by anyone wishing to be a CSER supervisor of Liberty students via a formal contract available online from LU Serve.

B. What qualifies as a valid CSER?

For a CSER to be approved it must meet the following criteria:

1. Negative Criteria:
a. Students may not receive monetary compensation for their service.
b. Students may not receive academic credit for their service.
c. Students may not be awarded a scholarship for their service.

2. Positive Criteria: Any CSER must fit within the framework of the missions and goals of the department, which may include any, or all, of the following.
a. Evangelism
b. Discipleship
c. Tutoring/mentoring
d. Civic and community services
e. Community improvement
f.  Alleviation of human suffering
g. Assisting the underprivileged and less fortunate
h. Education and development of children/adults
i.  Educational assistance
j.  Stewardship of the earth (Environmental projects, care for animals, etc.)

C. How may a service be recognized as an official CSER?

Any organization or agency desiring to become an official CSER site must request an application. If the area in question is approved initially for consideration, students may register to serve in that area for a probationary period for one semester. (These students will register under "Special Projects.") After this period, your service area will be assessed, and upon final approval from LU Serve, receive a CSER number.

D. What type of information should be in the description of a CSER service opportunity?

The description should promote and describe your service. The students should be informed of the skills, talents, and aptitudes which will be exercised through the service being described, and also the times that service opportunities are available. Remember: Students are to be involved for a minimum of 20 hours during each semester. If your area requires more than the 20-hour minimum, it must be clearly stated in the entry.

E. How may a supervisor recruit students?

1. Fall Semester - Each fall the CSER hosts a CSER registration. This is held during the first two weeks of classes. At this time, CSER supervisors are invited to come to campus to recruit student volunteers.
2. Other times - CSER opportunities may be advertised among the students by any agency that has been approved by LU Serve. Any agency or organization wishing to do this must receive permission through LU Serve. Please call (434) 582-2325.

F. Should supervisors expect students to work for them all year?

Students are expected to participate with the same CSER from the fall into the spring semester. Students may request to drop this CSER for the spring semester but must first receive permission from their CSER supervisor. Summer CSERs are optional and for one semester only. Students must register individually for a summer CSER.

G. How will supervisors know who is officially registered in their work areas?

Supervisors should make a tentative list of all the students they enroll. This list should be used until LU Serve provides the supervisor with an official roster.

H. What should a supervisor do if a student is doing poorly or fails to report for service?

If a supervisor has any difficulty with the student the supervisor should do the following:

1. Contact the student personally
2. If #1 does not resolve the problem, feel free to contact LU Serve at (434) 582-2325.
3. Grade the student accordingly (See next section for criteria)

I. How will I grade students for their CSER?

Each student will receive a letter grade of A, B, C, D or F, according to the following criteria:

A - student displays exceptional service; excellent attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours
B - displays satisfactory service; punctuality; appropriate attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours
C - displays acceptable service; usually punctual; acceptable attitude; volunteered at least 20 hours
D - displays unsatisfactory service; not punctual; volunteered at least 20 hours
F - designates "failure;" unacceptable service; volunteered less than 20 hours

Supervisors will also be required to validate each student's hours and complete a brief personal online evaluation of each student. No evaluation will be accepted without the supervisor's electronic signature.

J. Can a grade be changed once it has been received by the CSER office?

Except for extenuating circumstances, the grade initially received by LU Serve will be permanent and becomes part of the student's official transcript. It cannot be easily changed. Supervisors may (with adequate reason) request a grade change for students after the final grades are received.

NOTE: Any questions regarding the policies or procedures involving Christian/Community Service not covered in this handbook should be directed to LU Serve.

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