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Liberty University Owned Laptop Support

Liberty Owned Laptops- (Liberty Faculty/Staff)

Software - Liberty owned laptops (laptops that have an LUID) will receive full support for Liberty licensed software, with the condition that the customer has not broken the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that was signed at the time of receipt of the laptop.

Hardware - All Liberty owned laptops (laptops that have an LUID) receive full support. The laptop can be either Dell or IBM. In case the laptop is no longer under warranty, and the issues have been determined to be hardware related, the customer’s department is responsible to purchase the necessary parts. Only after the part has been purchased will IS proceed with the replacement. Customers that have been issued a Liberty laptop are not eligible for support on any other personal machines. In cases where the customer is a staff/faculty member that has not been issued a Liberty laptop, the customer will receive software support for their laptop or desktop in accordance to the LUIS Software Compliance Policy, regardless of make or model. In these cases, support is limited to one computer per household. No hardware support is provided for personal computers.

Reimaging – If an issue cannot be resolved within one hour and it is determined to be an image-related issue, the machine will be reimaged. The reimaging process may take 1-2 business days.

Redeployments/Returns – According to the employee termination policy, the customer needs to turn in his/her laptop in to HelpDesk before he/she leaves Liberty. The technicians will reformat it and image it and get it ready for redeployment. The laptop needs to be turned in at least 2 days in advance in order to get it ready for the new owner. Also the new owner will be responsible for putting a redeployment help desk ticket in. Once the laptop is ready, the trainers will schedule an appointment with the customer. Only after completing the training the customer may receive his laptop. The laptop will stay in HelpDesk and will not be returned to the respective department until redeployment.

Deployments – Inventory will submit a ticket and deliver the machine to the HelpDesk technicians to be prepared for deployment (reimage and post-prep). Once the laptop is ready the trainers will be notified and they will schedule an appointment with the customer. Only after completing the training the customer may receive his laptop.

IP Communicator – IP Communicator can only be installed for customers who have requisitioned a license.

Hardware replacement – the time frame for hardware replacements varies from case to case.

  • Mother Board replacement can range from 3 to 7 days. In some cases can take even longer due to various factors such as work load or part back-order. For example, an MB might be replaced with a dead on arrival part and it needs to be replaced again.
  • HD replacement – 3-5 days.
  • Reimaging 1-2 days.
  • LCD replacement – 3-7 days.

Local account creation – We will only create local guest accounts for the laptop owner’s dependents at their request. However, we will not create Administrator accounts for dependents.

IBM Laptops Purchased Through the University (Faculty/Staff)

Partially Supported - These are IBM laptops that have not been purchased by the university, but through the university’s IBM program at a discount. Full hardware support will be provided upon confirmation that the machine was purchased through the university by cross-referencing the Serial Number against the master list provided by the purchase vendor. Loaner laptops may be available for short-term use, provided that the customer meets all the requirements in the Laptop Loaner Initiative Policy. Laptops purchased through Liberty will receive partial software support. In case of reimaging, the customer is required to provide the installation CDs and valid licenses for any software that needs to be installed on the laptop.

IBM Laptops Purchased Through the University (Liberty Students)

Software - Student software support is limited to reinstalling Microsoft applications from copies of software purchased through the Liberty Campus License Agreement or software with the authentic purchase code. The only additional software provided by IS includes Forefront and Cisco Clean Access, which are required for the student to access Liberty’s network.

Hardware - Student-owned, IBM laptops that have been purchased through Liberty and IBM laptops that are not purchased through Liberty but are still under warranty receive full hardware support while under warranty. The student’s name will be checked against a purchase list provided by the purchase vendor. If the laptop is not purchased through Liberty, the student will be directed to ResNet, where they will receive software support in accordance with the HelpDesk Student Support Policy.

Laptop Lifecycle Management

IT Customer Support is implementing a lifecycle management initiative for existing departmental laptops. Laptop lifecycle management will involve an annual review of existing laptops. Laptops that are at least 4 years old and out of warranty will be eligible for replacement. This strategy will allow IT Customer Support to better manage our laptop replacements and also ensure all business, technical, and finance requirements are met. Each department will still be responsible for the purchase of laptops required due to increase in personnel, desire to change from a desktop format to a laptop format, etc.

*IT Customer Support will contact you when your laptop is scheduled for replacement.

Desktop Hardware Replacement Policy

In order to provide the faculty and staff of Liberty University with up to date computer hardware to meet their computing needs as well as keep these machines in working order, the HelpDesk provides replacements for certain external and internal components as well as the full PC. In the event of a hardware failure on warranty machines, HelpDesk technicians can replace faulty components or perform an upgrade on the current hardware. The following are the policies governing the replacement of individual computer components as well as the full PC. If parts replacements or upgrades are needed, the installation must be performed by a certified HelpDesk technician. It is strongly recommended that the user contact IS Inventory for help with purchasing computer hardware. Following these policies is a list of the current minimum specification for desktop hardware.

Liberty University owned computer hardware components fall under two categories: under warranty and out of warranty. If the hardware component is under warranty, then it can be replaced under the terms of the warranty agreement. If the hardware component is out of warranty, the HelpDesk technicians will attempt to replace the faulty component with a surplus or used part, if available, that meets the minimum specifications set forth by Liberty University Information Services. If the hardware component is not available, replacement components will need to be purchased by the department of the customer. These components include:

  • LCD/CRT Monitors
  • 3-Button Optic Mouse
  • Keyboards
  • Network Patch Cables
  • Power Cables
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Power Supply
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • AGP/PCI-E Video Card
  • Full PC

PC Rollout: A rollout is a free PC replacement provided by the HelpDesk. A rollout is always a one-for-one swap. Rollouts come from a special pool in inventory and are limited in number. Only Liberty University owned desktops with LUIDs are eligible for a rollout. DISC determines the recipients of a rollout. First priority will be given to machines that are currently under the minimum specification and second priority will be given to those machines that are at the lower end of the specification. This is to ensure that all the machines are staying up to date as well as preventing the stagnation of older computers.

Moving Liberty University Owned Computers/Hardware

Liberty University owned computers are not to be moved by individuals in departments, but by the HelpDesk On-Site support technicians offers the moving of computer equipment to all Liberty Faculty and Staff as well as a limited service to approved Liberty Affiliates such as Light Medical, Sodexo, etc. Approved computer equipment includes: desktop computers, monitors and peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.); as well as small local desktop printers, phones, laptop docking stations, power cables, and surge protectors. If new patch cables are required they will have to be purchased through IS Inventory at the current price listing.  The HelpDesk does not support the moving of large printers, network printers, or furniture.

Moves must be requested through the ticket system at least 48 hours in advance. A full description of the number of computers and/or phones to be moved and a list of all other equipment should be included in the ticket. The original location as well as the location to which the equipment should be moved should be included in the ticket. A requested time for the move should be listed in the ticket, but the completion of the move by the requested time is best effort by the technicians based on other projects that are in progress, the availability of technicians, and whether or not the ticket is submitted within the required 48 hours lead time. Finally, if the computer will be changing users please make note of this in the ticket so that we may perform data backup and/or transfer.

For any other equipment or furniture, separate tickets must be made out to Field Operations. Separate tickets will have to be made out to Network Construction if extra drops are needed or if fax lines need to be moved. If the scope of the move exceeds that of an intra-office move, it is considered a project and must be coordinated through the Department of Operations.