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Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance

Deferred Corporate Assistance

Student Steps for Enrollment in Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance

1: The student contacts their Human Resources regarding the terms related to their company's reimbursement benefits.  For example, some companies will not pay tuition if the student receives below a grade of C.  The student is responsible to pay any amount that the company does not pay.  The company policy must include the annual maximum dollar amount and/or number of credits that qualify for reimbursement.  For new students, the company must cover 100% of semester's expenses for approval.  For returning students, the company must cover a minimum of 75% of semester's expenses for approval.  It is at Liberty University's discretion to make approvals for each student.  Students may be required to complete additional steps to be approved for the DCTA program.  The company policy will not be accepted as an editable word document or any other editable format.  A locked PDF format is preferred.

NOTE: If company policy does not state the annual maximum dollar amount and/or number of credits that qualify for reimbursement, student may submit a letter from their employer on letter head with a wet signature statement stating the amount or percentage the company will reimburse.  This letter cannot replace the Liberty University DCTA application.  

2: Complete Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance Application(DCTA).  The DCTA application and company policy are valid ONLY for the current calendar year and not the academic year.  This means you must re-submit both documents for every calendar year of enrollment.  The student must complete the student section and employer must complete and sign the company section.  The employer must physically sign this section (must be a wet signature).

3: Submit Deferred Payment Corporate Tuition Assistance Application and Company Reimbursement Policy below.  Submitting incomplete documents and/or sending the documents to any department other than Student Accounts will prolong the process and may result in rejected documents and/or missed deadlines.  Please email if you have any further questions or concerns.

Submit Application Button

       (Note: Submitting request will require additional information.)

4: Once processed, the student will receive a confirmation email to their Liberty University email address from Student Accounts with instructions for completing Financial Check-In.  Student will complete Financial Check-In for the desired semester and will have an initial 1% of the total balance automatically drafted from his/her credit card or checking account provided by the student during Financial Check-In.

5: The remaining balance will be drafted approximately 30 days after the semester ends from the same account provided during Financial Check-In.  The date of the draft will be determined by student when completing Financial Check-In.

Note: A 30-day period is provided to students after the course(s) is completed to allow time for grades to be submitted to the employer and arrange for tuition reimbursement. However, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain official grades from Liberty University (if required) as they will not be automatically sent. The student is responsible for paying the 1% automatic draft authorized in Financial Check-In and communicating to Liberty University, if there are any problems.

For more information on the Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.