Suggested Course Sequences

Residential Undergraduate Programs


  • All new students (including transfers) need to complete NSSR 101.
  • All new students need to have UNIV 101 on their schedule.


FRESHMEN in the following majors should consider taking PSYC 150 during the first semester:  Aeronautics, Education, English, Family and Child Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, History, Music, Psychology, Religion, Social Science


If you have any other questions regarding program requirements:

  •  Freshmen and Sophomores contact your Professional Advisor.
  •  Juniors and Seniors contact your Academic Department.

Math and English Placement Guide

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Accounting (3 year)-BS
Accounting (4 year)-BS 
Aeronautics: Airline Flight Attendant-AA
Aeronautics: Commercial/Corporate-BS
Aeronautics: Global Studies-BS
Aeronautics: Military-BS
Aeronautics: Unmanned Aerial Systems-BS
American Sign Language and Interpreting-BA
Artist Development-BM
Athletic Training-BS
Aviation Maintenance Technician-AA

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Biblical Studies-BA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-BS
Biology: Environmental Biology-BS
Biology: Environmental Science, Teacher Licensure-BS
Biology: General Biology-BS
Biology: General Biology, Teacher Licensure-BS
Biomedical Sciences (for MCAT before Senior Year)-BS
Biomedical Sciences: Global Studies-BS
Business Administration: Communications-BS
Business Administration: Economics-BS
Business Administration: Finance-BS
Business Administration: Financial Planning-BS
Business Administration: Human Resource Management-BS
Business Administration: International Business (3 year)-BS
Business Administration: International Business (4 year)-BS
Business Administration: Project Management-BS
Business Administration, Teacher Licensure-BS

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Cell & Molecular Biology-BS
Choral Music: Concentration in Music Education-BM
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministries-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Biblical Studies-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Global Studies-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Technical Studies-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Theology and Apologetics-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Women's Leadership-BS
Christian Leadership and Church Ministries: Worship-BS
Church Ministries: Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry-BS
Church Ministries: Women's Ministries-BS
Church Ministries: Worship-BS
Church Ministries: Youth Ministries-BS
Cinematic Arts-BS
Commercial Music: Film Scoring (Film & Media)-BM
Commercial Music: Jazz Studies-BM
Computer Science-BS
Computer Science: Cyber-Security-BS
Computer Science: Information Security-BS
Computer Science: Software Engineering-BS
Computer Science: Web & Mobile Programming-BS
Criminal Justice-AA
Criminal Justice-BS 
Criminal Justice: Crime Scene Investigation-BS
Criminal Justice: Homeland Security-BS
Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice-BS
Criminal Justice: Public Administration-BS
Criminal Justice: Strategic Intelligence Studies-BS

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Digital Media: Audio-BS
Digital Media: Performance-BS
Digital Media: Social Networking and Interactive Media-BS
Digital Media: Transmedia Writing-BS
Digital Media: Video-BS

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Elementary Education Integrated Studies: English-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies: Math-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies: Science-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies: Social Science-BS
Elementary Education Integrated Studies: Spanish-BS
Engineering: Computer Engineering-BS
Engineering: Electrical Engineering-BS
Engineering: Industrial & Systems Engineering-BS
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering- BS
English, Teacher Licensure-BA
Environmental Biology-BS
Exercise Science: Fitness Specialist-BS
Exercise Science: Pre-Professional-BS

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Family and Child Development-BS
Family and Consumer Sciences-BS
Family and Consumer Sciences, Teacher Licensure-BS
Fashion and Interiors: Fashion Design
Fashion and Interiors: Fashion Merchandising-BS
Fashion and Interiors: Interior Design-BS
Forensic Science-BS

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Global Studies-BS
Government: International Relations-BA
Government: Politics and Policy-BA
Government: Politics and Policy-BS
Government: Western Legal Traditions-BA
Government: Western Legal Traditions-BS
Guitar Performance-BM

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Health Promotion: CHES-BS
Health Promotion: Clinical-BS
History: Classical Studies-BA
History: Historical Documentary Filmmaking-BS
Human Services-BS

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Individualized Studies-BA & BS
Informatics:  Healthcare Informatics-BS
Information Systems: Accounting Information Systems-BS
Information Systems: Data Networking-BS
Information Systems: Database-BS
Information Systems: Global Studies-BS
Information Systems: Information Assurance-BS
Information Technology: Application and Database Development-BS
Information Technology: Data Networking and Security-BS
Information Technology: Gaming Design-BS
Information Technology: Web & Mobile Development-BS
Instrumental Music: Concentration in Music Education-BM
Interdisciplinary Studies-BS
International Relations: International Politics and Policy-BA
International Relations: Strategic Intelligence Studies-BA

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Kinesiology: Health & Phy. Educ., Non-Licensure-BS
Kinesiology: Health & Phy. Educ., Teacher Licensure-BS

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Leadership Communication-BM

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Mathematics, Teacher Licensure-BS
Mathematics: Actuarial-BS
Music and Worship: Cinematic Arts-BS
Music in World Cultures-BM

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Pastoral Leadership
Piano Performance-BM
Psychology: Counseling-BS
Psychology: Criminal Psychology-BS
Psychology: Developmental Psychology-BS
Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology-BS
Psychology: Sport Psychology-BS
Psychology: Substance Abuse counseling-BS

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Religious Studies: Biblical Languages-BS
Religious Studies: Global Studies-BS
Religious Studies: Jewish Studies-BS
Religious Studies: New Testament-BS
Religious Studies: Old Testament-BS
Religious Studies: Theology and Apologetics-BS

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Social Sciences-BS
Social Sciences, Teacher Licensure-BS
Social Work-BS
Spanish, Teacher Licensure-BA
Special Education Integrated Studies-BS
Speech Communication: Professional Communication-BS
Speech Communication: Speech Communication-BS
Sport Management-BS
Strategic Communication: Social Media Management-BS
Strategic Communication: Strategic Communication-BS
String Performance-BM
Studio and Digital Arts: Graphic Design-BFA
Studio and Digital Arts: Graphic Design-BS
Studio and Digital Arts: Studio Arts-BFA
Studio and Digital Arts: Studio Art-BS
Studio and Digital Arts: Studio Art, Teacher Licensure-BS

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Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESFL)-BA
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESFL), Teacher Licensure-BA
Technical Studies-AAS
Theatre Arts: Arts Administration-BA
Theatre Arts: Dramaturgy-BA
Theatre Arts: Performance-BA
Theatre Arts: Production-BA
Theatre Arts, Teacher Licensure-BA
Theology and Apologetics-BA
Theology and Apologetics: Biblical Scholarship-BA
Theology and Apologetics: Global Studies-BA
Theology and Apologetics: Jewish Studies-BA
Theology and Apologetics: Writing & Literature-BA

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 Vocal Performance-BM

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Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance-BM
Worship Studies-BM

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Youth Ministries-BS
Youth Ministries: Adventure Leadership & Outdoor Ministries-BS
Youth Ministries: Biblical Studies-BS
Youth Ministries: Christian Leadership-BS
Youth Ministries: Coaching-BS
Youth Ministries: Global Studies-BS
Youth Ministries: Pastoral Leadership-BS
Youth Ministries: Sport Outreach-BS
Youth Ministries: Theology & Apologetics-BS
Youth Ministries: Women's Leadership-BS
Youth Ministries: Worship-BS

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Zoo and Wildlife Biology-BS

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