General Education & Integrative Courses

Course Lists

Residential General Education & Integrative Courses


  • Students may choose from either course list to fulfill General Education requirements.
  • Integrative courses must be chosen from options on the current list.
  • Technical Electives for the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Guidelines for Integrative Courses

  1. Integrative courses are distinctively designed to show the interrelatedness of two or three disciplines which students have encountered within the general education curriculum. The purpose of the integrative courses is to help students understand the relationships within and among various fields of knowledge.
  2. Each integrative course must contain a significant writing component including multi-level analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (approximately 20 pages of academic prose or equivalent projects). Courses are to be structured in a seminar format with a class limit of 25 students.
  3. All courses must have 300/400 level numbers.
  4. Integrative Course syllabi must contain the following components:

    I. Course Description
    II. Rationale
    III. Prerequisite Statement
    IV. Materials List
    V. Learning Outcomes
    VI. Assignments/Requirements
    VII. Grading Policies
    VIII. Attendance Policies
    IX. Other Policies
    X. Calendar for the Semester/Term
    XI. Bibliography
  1. To assure that a selection of Integrative Courses is offered each semester, the Dean of the College of Applied Studies and Academic Success will work with each department offering integrative courses. Normally, only one integrative course may be offered per semester by each Department; exceptions must be approved by the General Education Committee.
  2. To enroll, students must have Junior or Senior standing or the permission of the instructor.
  3. As part of the General Education requirements, students pursuing a BA degree must select at least one course for integrative study which does not contain the same prefix as courses within the major. Students majoring in General Studies may select any Integrative Course since they are elective credit.
  4. No particular integrative course can be required for a certain major. All students must have the option to select the courses of their choice.
  5. Proposals for Integrative Courses will be considered by the General Education Committee each year. The department must submit the syllabus electronically to the chair of the General Education Committee. The committee will then invite a member of the department to present the proposal to the General Education Committee.