Parent and Family Connections


Does Liberty University offer health insurance for students?

  • No, Liberty currently does not offer a health insurance program for students to purchase.

Does Liberty have a way to notify the students should there be an emergency?

  • Yes, Liberty incorporated an emergency alert system in March 2009.  All Liberty students and staff may sign up to be notified in case of an emergency through their ASIST account. They can also register your phone number or email so that you can receive the notifications as well.

Where do I get an enrollment verification form for insurance purposes?

  • To receive verification documentation, you will need to follow the link below and fill out the Student Enrollment Verification Request Form.  It is an online form and will be submitted directly to Liberty's Verification Officers.  When you are signing into the form, you will need to use your full Liberty email address as your login (e.g., and your normal Liberty password.  The Verification Officers will then be in direct contact with you regarding any information about your Verification request.  Please note that there is a 24-48 hour processing time for Verification requests.

How do I address letters and packages to my student?

  • All mail should be addressed as follows:

    Student Name
    MSC Box #
    Liberty University

    1971 University Blvd
    Lynchburg, VA 24515-2213

  • *After MSC Box, just put the Liberty Box number.  Do not put the words "Liberty Box" or "PO Box" in front of it!
    Visit Liberty University Postal Services for additional information.

Does Liberty have a shuttle service?

  • Yes! Students can use the Liberty Transit System to ride to Main Campus, East Campus, Green Hall (including Thomas Road Baptist Church) as well as to various locations throughout Lynchburg. To view the routes and all Transit details visit: Transit Services.

Are there any opportunities for students to network rides for long distance trips during the breaks and vacations?

How can I access my student's grades and personal information?

  • The FERPA Law does not allow parents access to their student's grades or personal information, without the student signing a FERPA Release Waiver. This process is now done online through your student's ASIST account.

For any questions concerning dates, see the University Calendar below:

Does my student need renter's insurance to live on campus?

  • The University will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal belongings, which are a result of wind, water, insects, rodents, vandalism or theft.  However, when damage or loss is reported, the University will take reasonable steps to attempt to resolve the problem.  Parents are encouraged to make sure their students' personal belongings are covered by their homeowner's policy or a renter's insurance.

ID & Campus Services Lingo:

  • Flames Pass: The Flames Pass is the campus ID card. It provides access to Flames Cash, meal plans, events, LaHaye Student Union and other activities campus wide. Your Flames Pass is valid as long as the student is enrolled and financially checked-in.

  • BankMobile: Liberty University uses the disbursement service offered by BankMobile for the disbursement of student refunds, per diems, and stipends. Once financially checked-in, an activation code is sent to the students mailing address on file with Liberty University, allowing them select a refund preference.

  • Vibe Account: This is the FDIC insured checking account administered by BankMobile. Funds can be spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The BankMobile Vibe card is the DEBIT card for the account.  Find more information at

  • Meal Swipe: Depending on the meal plan selected, meals swipes are the amount of meals per week that can be eaten in the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall. There are also meal swipe equivalent in other locations throughout campus. **Week begins each Friday morning.

  • Flames Cash: Flames Cash is a declining balance account. Any funds deposited into this account can be spent with any participating merchant both on and off campus using the Flames Pass. Flames Cash is taxable. View a complete listing of participating merchants.