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Login Pages Policy

Updated 4/09/2014

The Students and Faculty/Staff login pages have been created to communicate with the on-campus community – resident students, commuter students, staff members, and faculty. 


  • All announcements created for a login page must be approved by the appropriate announcement moderator. Announcements are posted to the website using the Announcements Admin. web application.
  • All announcements are for internal messages only. Solicitations, advertisements for off-campus or non-student jobs, items for sale, non-Liberty events or roommates are not permitted.
  • Announcements for student employment at Liberty may be displayed on a login page, provided the announcement appears in the public section and contains a link to Human Resources. All other announcements for student employment/internships must not appear on a login page but may be submitted to the Career Center for inclusion on their page. 
  • Announcements for Christian/Community Service opportunities may be displayed on a login page in the Ministries section if the opportunity has been approved by the Christian/Community Service office. 
  • All those items, which a moderator feels, are not applicable for that section will appear in the public section.
  • The Marketing Department will delete inappropriate announcements, and will notify the announcement author with an explanation for the deletion.
  • All published announcements that do not meet these requirements may be removed.

Rotating images

  • University offices may submit requests for the rotating images to the Marketing. Requests should be sent to
  • Advertisements for upcoming Liberty University events, notices of special accomplishments or news of special interest to the Liberty community are acceptable for consideration. Slides may be requested for the student login page, the faculty/staff login page or both.
  • Content specifications listed above (numbers 2, 3 and 4) for announcements also apply to the rotating images.
  • Slide requests will be approved if possible, but may be denied by Marketing due to the nature and timeliness of requests, the total volume of requests received and the quality of the slide image.
  • Slide text should be kept to a minimum. E.g., text should contain event titles and pertinent information. If more information is needed, the slide must link to a text announcement or department webpage.
  • Slides must be easily legible. Slides that are not easily legible at the proper size or that use illegible fonts will not be approved.
  • Slides will run for no more than two consecutive weeks (14 days) unless prior approval is received from the Marketing Department.
  • Slides must be submitted in layered PSD (Photoshop) or JPEG format. Dimensions are 382 pixels wide by 214 pixels high at 72 PPI (pixels per inch) in RGB color. Though this is the same ratio as slides for convocation, convocation slide art must be sized for the login page before submission.
  • Requests must be received three working days before the requested live date.

Additional content

  • The “Pic of the Day” section highlights recent photography. Photos may be submitted by university personnel or students, inclusion is at the discretion of the Marketing Department. Submissions should be sent to, including the photographer’s name if credit is desired.
  • Poll questions for the student login page may be submitted by university offices. Inclusion is at the discretion of the Marketing Department. Email for consideration.
  • Links in the left column of the page are intended to offer convenient access to the most sought-after content. Inclusion is at the discretion of the Marketing Department. University offices should email Jason Pope at for consideration.