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Location Religion Hall 124
(434) 582-2130
Email tutoring@liberty.edu

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Mon–Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Tutoring Services offers free tutoring to all Liberty University undergraduate students in about 35 residential courses, including Bible, biology, business, chemistry, English, history, math, philosophy, and psychology.

Residential Tutoring Sessions

Email tutoring@liberty.edu for all session requests and questions.

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  • Tutoring Session
    available by appointment
  • Walk-in Tutoring Sessions
    subject to availability
  • Study Groups
    Create a study for a specific course and we can facilitate it.
  • Departmental Tutoring
    Receive tutoring by department for your class.
  • FreshStart
    Get assistance planning out your weekly schedule and focusing on large projects.

Online Student Tutoring

Free academic services available to online students: