New Member Interest Form - Start Here!

I hope you have found our marching band website informative.  If you are interested in joining us, please know that we are interested in you, too!  We have a great goup of college students that will welcome you into the Liberty University Marching Band.  You are about to enter an ensemble like none other!  Your first step follows:

All persons interested in joining the Liberty University Marching Band must first request info on the webpage.  Please complete Step 1: Request Info, and be sure to include your EMAIL address.  You may select "Band" or "Marching Band - Concert Band" in the interest information box (both will work just fine).  As a result, I will contact you with more band information.  Just click on the link to proceed. 

Upon submitting Step 1: Request Info page, please visit our Auditions page for more information on section placement.  Please know that we are diligent in finding a place in our band for as many students as qualify, so apply with confidence!