Digital Media & Communication Arts

Speech Communication Concentration (42 hrs.)

Core (12 hrs.)

COMS 110 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)
COMS 210 Communication Perspectives (3)
COMS 220 Mass Communication Writing (3)
COMS 360 Professional Communication (3)

Concentration (30 hrs.)

COMS 315 Oral Interpretation (3)
COMS 325 Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMS 330 Small Group Communication (3)
COMS 335 Argumentation (3)
COMS 345 Persuasion (3)
COMS 355 Organizational Communication (3)
COMS 455 Communication Theory (3)
COMS 465 Rhetorical Theory (3)
COMS 475 Criticism of Public Address (3)
COMS 499 Internship (3)*

* Take the summer after junior year or during senior year.

Recommended Electives for Speech Concentration
  • COMS 484 Communication Law and Ethics (Prerequisite: Junior status)
  • Consider electives pertinent to the area in which you want to work. For instance, our students may take electives and sometimes minors in areas such as missions (MCCS course prefix), pastoral ministries, youth ministry (YOUT course prefix), business (BUSI) and government (GOVT), etc.
  • COMS 464 Media Applications (Prerequisites: Completion of INFT requirements). This "integrated studies" course (typically not for COMS majors) can be taken as an upper level elective by Journalism concentration students who want an introduction to web design and visual presentations (PowerPoint) and/or better analyzing and evaluation skills. For students who are not going to take COMS 472 Interactive Multimedia.