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Student Learning Outcomes

The QEP Steering Committee, in concert with leadership from the residential graduate programs, have established learning outcomes for both graduate students and graduate faculty which, when achieved, will characterize improved graduate student writing at Liberty University.

Student-Related Learning Outcomes
Faculty-Related Learning Outcomes


Student-Related Outcomes

Learning Outcome One for Developmental Graduate Students
1: The student will demonstrate basic writing skills by:


  • Choosing, restricting, organizing and supporting a writing topic and/or thesis.
  • Writing to a specific audience, using correct and appropriate word choices.
  • Writing for a clear purpose.
  • Writing in the selected discipline’s overall style, as evidenced in professional journals.
  • Writing sentences that are clear, concise and technically correct.
  • Revising and editing through more than one draft.

Learning Outcomes Two through Six for All Graduate Students

2: The student will demonstrate higher level writing skills using logic (induction and deduction) in analysis and argumentation.

3: The student will demonstrate proper research skills and documentation specific to his discipline by:

  • Integrating sources accurately and effectively.
  • Using discipline-specific documentation (APA, MLA, Turabian).

4: The student will be able to write with clarity by:

  • Using syntax, terminology and technical language appropriate to the selected discipline’s overall style.
  • Writing in the forms and genres of writing required by each discipline, such as conference papers and research articles.
  • Demonstrating writing skills sufficient to fulfill the writing requirements of each academic program, such as a graduate-level thesis.

5: The student will attest to greater confidence in his or her writing ability.

6: The student will self-report that he/she is better prepared and has more confidence for future writing tasks.


Faculty-Related Learning Outcomes

As with any multi-faceted plan, success can only be assured if the faculty understand the Plan, are trained in its key components, use the resources it develops, and integrate appropriate changes in their own courses. To that end, Liberty University has provided and will continue to conduct orientation sessions to share information with faculty concerning the QEP. The goals of these sessions are that faculty will understand:


  • The purpose and goals of the QEP
  • The administrative structure of the QEP
  • The role of the Graduate Writing Center (GWC)
  • The role of faculty in each program to ensure the success of the QEP

A part of these orientation sessions will be the introduction of four faculty-related learning outcomes for improving graduate student writing. These outcomes were developed based on faculty and department chair input.

The faculty will:

1: Write measurable learning outcomes for graduate writing in their courses.

2: Select assessment strategies that will measure graduate writing skills.

3: Develop or rewrite learning outcomes that will reflect graduate level writing for the graduate degree programs.

4: Implement writing components in their respective courses that will reflect the new or improved learning outcomes.