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School of Behavioral Sciences

General IRB Requirements

School of Behavioral Sciences IRB Considerations

Use of Psychology Activity Credits

If you intend to offer psychology activity credits as compensation for research participation, please consider the following:

  • Provide documentation along with your application showing that you are allowed to offer the psychology activity credits as compensation.
  • Ensure that participants understand that there are other opportunities to obtain the psychology activity credits so that they do not feel coerced into participating in research.

Honors Theses

If you are performing research for an undergraduate honors thesis, please let us know in your submission email. These projects are frequently on a tight deadline. Letting us know that you are working on an honors thesis will allow us to better accomodate your study timeline.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

If you intend to collect, request, view, or use patient or client health information as part of your study, you will need to ensure that you and/or the site you are working with follow any applicable laws. For more information on HIPAA, please visit the following website:

Counseling Studies & Licensure

If you intend to perform a study that involves counseling or counseling services, we will need to know that you are licensed or certified to offer such services. In your application, you will need to make it clear that you are appropriately qualified, or that you are working with a site or individual that is appropriately qualified.

  • If you are a mandatory reporter, you must also inform participants that you may be required to disclose certain information obtained as a result of the research. Please note that these laws and requirements vary by location.

Site Permissions

You are welcome to seek permission from your study sites prior to receiving IRB approval. However, the IRB will not be able to grant complete approval until we have received documentation of permission from each site listed on your application.

Site permissions can be either of the following:

  • A letter on approved, site-specific letterhead
  • A time and date stamped, site-specific email from an individual with the authority to grant permission (i.e., superintendent, university/college IRB, director of analytics, etc.)


If you have received permission from some sites (but not all) and want to receive IRB approval to begin your research:

  • You will need to remove the sites that have not granted permission from your application and re-submit your application for review.
    • If you have already received conditional IRB approval, sites will need to be removed using a change in protocol form instead of revising the application.
  • Once these changes are approved by the IRB, and assuming all other revisions have been addressed, you will receive approval to begin research with the sites from which you have received permission.

Adding or Removing Study Sites

If you have not yet received IRB approval of any kind:

  • You are welcome to add or remove study sites on your application. Re-submit your application to the IRB so that we are aware of the change.


If you have received IRB approval (conditional or otherwise):

  • Study sites will need to be added or removed using a change in protocol form. Submit this form, along with documentation of permission (if adding sites), to the IRB for approval.