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Graduate Senate


The Graduate Senate consists of faculty representatives from each graduate program and the appropriate members of the administrative staff of The Graduate School. It conducts the regular faculty business of graduate studies, academic standards and curriculum, and program requirements. The Graduate Senate meets regularly and is coordinated by an Executive Committee.


Senate Documents

The Graduate Senate Constitution outlines the purpose, terms of office, committees, and procedures of the Graduate Senate. Each academic year, legislation deadlines are posted to allow for a timely review of each bill.

Creating Legislation

In order to create, modify, suspend, or remove graduate academic standards, curriculum, and/or program requirements, Curriculum Change Forms must be completed and sent to the Secretary of the Senate.

Officers of The Graduate Senate

Senate President: Provost & Chief Academic Officer
Chair: Dr. Kahlib Fischer
Secretary: Dr. Kevin Struble*
Curriculum Committee Chair: Dr. Kristen Hark

*Send completed forms with signatures and the checklist to GACproposals@liberty.edu

Policies and Definitions

When creating legislation, the bill originator should follow and use university policies and academic definitions and terms.

  • Policy Directory (review current university policies to ensure proposed legislation meets university guidelines)
  • University Data Dictionary (review definitions and terms to ensure proposed legislation meets academic standards)

Additional Resources

The following additional resources may help in building curriculum change forms:

Have Questions?

For questions regarding legislation or Graduate Senate business, please contact the Chair or Secretary of the Graduate Senate, or The Graduate School.


Curriculum Change Form Definitions

  • Form 1 – Proposal for New Programs/Major, Minor, Cognate, or Concentration
  • Form 1-A – Abridged Proposal for New Programs/Major, Minor, Cognate, or Concentration Utilizing Existing Courses or NOT Requiring Financial Commitment
  • Form 2 – Proposal for New Course(s)
  • Form 3 – Proposal for Change in Existing Programs/Major/Course(s) Not Requiring Additional Resources
  • Form 4 – Proposal for Reinstatement of Program/Major/Minor/Cognate/Concentration or Course(s)
  • Form 5 – Proposal for Deletion of Program/Major/Minor/Cognate/Concentration/Course(s), or Requirement
  • Form 5-A – Suspension of Program/Major
  • Form 6 – Request for Administrative Approval by the Provost
  • Form 7 – Certificate Approval and Modification Form
  • FIOs – For Information Only
  • IBF – Initial Budgetary Forecast Form

Curriculum Change Form Contacts

Submission Deadlines for Curriculum Change Proposal

New Programs

  • Form 1 & 1-A (non-substantive change)*,***,****
    • Spring 2019
      • Budget Deadline:
      • To FACC/GSS by: 8/17/18
      • To Provost by: 9/3/18
    • Fall 2019
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/18
      • To FACC/GSS by: 11/15/18
      • To Provost by: 12/3/18
    • Spring 2020
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/18
      • To FACC/GSS by: 5/31/19
      • To Provost by: 6/14/19
    • Fall 2020
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/19
      • To FACC/GSS by: 11/15/19
      • To Provost by: 12/2/19
  • Form 1 (substantive change)*,***,****
    • Fall 2019
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/18
      • To FACC/GSS by: 9/17/18
      • To Provost by: 10/1/18
    • Spring 2020
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/18
      • To FACC/GSS by: 10/15/18
      • To Provost by: 10/30/18
    • Fall 2020
      • Budget Deadline: 11/15/19
      • To FACC/GSS by: 4/1/19
      • To Provost by: 4/15/19

All Other Forms

  • Anything involving a DCP change or modification****
    • Fall 2019 Only
      • To FACC/GSS by: 11/15/18
      • To Provost by: 12/3/18
  • New Course
    • Spring 2019
      • To FACC/GSS by: 8/15/18
      • To Provost by: 9/1/18
  • Deletions
    • Summer 2019
      • To FACC/GSS by: 11/15/18
      • To Provost by: 12/1/18
  • Non-DCP related changes
    • Fall 2019
      • To FACC/GSS by: 1/15/18
      • To Provost by: 2/1/18

* New programs may be entertained outside of the program launch/review cycle by Provost approval.

** Department of Veteran Affairs requires notification of any changes to a program 120 days prior to implementation.

*** If the new program consists of intensives/practicums/field experience, please notify State Approvals as soon as the draft DCP is complete as they will need to review for impact.

**** DCPTracking Tool requests are needed and will need a 3-5 business day turn around for Draft DCPs to be received.