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    VISION STATEMENT – The Mission

    The vision of the Liberty Flames Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning department begins and ends with having an undeniable, profound impact on the lives and careers of our young student-athletes.

    With an innovative organized and precise approach, our top priority is to improve high speed, loaded and unloaded, total body coordination, and mechanical efficiency. We will imitate the demands of their sport through a relentless unmatched, and authentic working environment. Everything we do in training is done to help the athletes more efficiently execute the movement requirements of their sport. We will demand character, effort, and accountability, which are and will be non-negotiable.

    CORE VALUES   – Who We Are

    F amily – Nobody gets left behind

    oyalty – Everyone buys into the vision

    A uthentic – Having uncommon character

    M otivate – Pushing others to become better

    E mpower – Taking ownership

    S elfless – It’s not about you


    erve – Working outside your realm

    rust – Having each other’s back

    eliable – Being consistently consistent

    nrich – Always improving program quality

    o excuses – Cannot have them

    reatness – What we demand

    eam – Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

    umility – Leave your ego at the door


    STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR  – Actions Required


    • Over Communication
    • Work On Fire
    • Above & Beyond
    • Attention To Detail
    • Connect
    • Early & Often