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    ADHD Documentation and Medication

    The NCAA bans certain classes of drugs because they can harm student-athletes and/or create an unfair advantage in competition. There are valid prescription medications that contain NCAA banned substances even though some student-athletes may need to use these medicines for specific health needs or to legitimately support their academic progress. The stimulants found in most ADHD medications fall into the category of NCAA banned substances.

    The NCAA has a procedure to review and approve legitimate use of medications that contain NCAA banned substances through a Medical Exceptions Procedure, but it requires the Student Athlete to report and document all prescription medication with the Liberty University Sports Medicine Department. Furthermore, prescription use of ADHD medication requires prior comprehensive testing to establish a diagnosis of ADHD documentation. This requires documentation from the prescribing physician containing at minimum the information listed below.

    • Description of the evaluation process which identifies the assessment tools and procedures.
    • Statement of the Diagnosis, including when it was confirmed.
    • History of ADHD treatment (previous/ongoing).
    • Statement that a non-banned ADHD alternative has been considered if a stimulant is currently prescribed.
    • Statement regarding follow-up and monitoring visits.

    Further information can be obtained on the NCAA Guidelines Regarding Medical Reporting for Student-Athletes with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (PDF) or by visiting NCAA Medical Exceptions Procedures.