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    The Liberty University Sports Medicine Department will strive to provide the most efficient and effective service for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of injury or illness to all intercollegiate student-athletes at Liberty University. The services provided are in accordance with the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification – Standards of Professional Practice, as well as numerous widely accepted professional standards and guidelines commonly required of allied healthcare providers. The Liberty University Sports Medicine Staff, in conjunction with its Team Physicians and healthcare providers, make up the Liberty University Sport Medicine Network, which works toward the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

    Liberty University Sports Medicine Philosophy

    In keeping with the mission and values of Liberty University, is committed to treating the “whole person”. It is our desire to treat the student-athlete with an approach that not only addresses the physical body but the mind and spirit as well. To achieve this goal, the Sports Medicine Staff will:

    • Educate student-athletes to live a healthier, injury-free lifestyle.
    • Acknowledge that there is a spiritual component that has a direct impact on the physical and mental capacity of each person.
    • Treat student-athletes objectively and with respect.
    • As part of the injury treatment process, the Sports Medicine staff will incorporate personal and team goals, as well as concerns for the future ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • Incorporate sound medical and rehabilitative principles.
    • Place the needs of the patient first and respect the confidentiality of the student-athlete at all times.
    • Educate and encourage student-athletes to take a proactive and dynamic approach to the rehabilitative process, requiring the student-athlete to take ownership of the rehabilitative process.
    • Return student-athletes to their sport as soon as medically safe.


    The Liberty University Sports Medicine Department is committed to providing an ongoing evaluation of our department to assure the highest quality in sports medicine care. We are also committed to addressing problems and concerns in a timely manner so that the needs of our student-athletes, athletic training students, and staff athletic trainers can be met. To this end, Liberty University has the responsibility to support the department with the human and financial resources necessary to accomplish the stated goals of the program.

    Liberty University currently offers an undergraduate degree in athletic training, which was CAATE accredited in April 2004. On average, there are 40-50 athletic training students in the program. A majority of these graduating seniors go on to successfully complete the national certification exam, while others opt to pursue careers in other related medical fields. Get more information on the Athletic Training Educational Program at Liberty University.