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    Soar is a program that will educate and empower Liberty student-athletes, and future student-athletes, to build and expand their personal brands in order to capitalize on Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) opportunities and position themselves for future success.

    The Soar Program will:

    • Prepare, support, and empower all student-athletes to utilize their name, image, and likeness for success during their tenure as student-athletes and beyond.
    • Educate student-athletes on how building an individual brand can be beneficial to their personal growth and position themselves for success.
    • Provide student-athletes with the resources that will enable them to build their personal brand, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, and maximize their exposure.
    • Educate student-athletes on NCAA, state, and institutional rules.

    Liberty Athletics NIL Policy:

    Virginia State Law

    • Policy Link
    • Disclosure is required by state law
    • Please see INFLCR information below for instructions on disclosure
    • Please review the state law and LU policy for full list of restricted NIL categories

    Co-Branding and Use of Liberty University Marks/Logos

    • Use of Liberty University marks, logos, and fonts are not permitted without prior permission of the institution
    • Use this link to register to co-brand with Liberty University – Link

    Liberty University Facilities

    • Use of Liberty University facilities for NIL activity is not permitted without reserving the facility as is required by all Liberty University students
    • You may request facilities usage at this link – Link


    • Athletes must utilize the INFLCR app to disclose all NIL activity
      • On the app homepage, touch the ($) button at the bottom of the screen, then touch ‘Transactions’ at the top of the next screen. From here you will be able to enter who you are working with, what you are doing, and how much you will make/value of goods or services received.
      • If you are not presently sure how much you will make (i.e., via a discount code or product sales) you may estimate the amount and then update the entry later on.
      • If you have a written contract, you may also upload the contract on this page. This step is not required, however if you would like the contract reviewed for compliance with NIL policies you will need to upload the contract here.
    • State law indicates that disclosure must be done prior to the NIL activity taking place.

    Social Media/Influencer Tips

    • Please review the following tip sheet from the Federal Trade Commission for information regarding social media advertising requirements – Link

    International Student-Athlete Information

    Federal Student Aid and NIL

    Booster/Collective Information

    Flames Exchange – Want to connect with Liberty Student-Athletes?

    • Register your business here to collaborate with Liberty University student-athletes – Link
    • Athletes, you may also share the above link with businesses you are interested in working with!