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    Liberty’s Partnership with INFLCR to Strength Soar Initiative

    Aug 3, 2021 | Lynchburg Va

    When Liberty’s 550-plus student-athletes return to campus, they will have a robust tool at their fingertips to help them navigate the new NIL era.

    Liberty Athletics announced today a partnership with social media distribution partner INFLCR to help Flames’ student-athletes prepare for the changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics.

    INFLCR will be used by all of Liberty Athletics’ programs to empower its student-athletes to capitalize on their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).

    “Our partnership with industry-leader INFLCR will be the cornerstone of the Soar Initiative that provides education, content and resources for our student-athletes to enhance and expand their personal brand in the NIL era,” said Liberty Director of Athletics Ian McCaw. “INFLCR will also be a valuable asset in amplifying the story of Liberty Athletics as the fastest rising program in the nation.”

    In an effort to continue to serve the ever-expanding needs of its student-athletes, Liberty Athletics launched the Soar Initiative, last fall. The goal of the Soar Initiative is to educate and empower Liberty’s student-athletes to build and expand their personal brand.

    The Soar Initiative involves a comprehensive effort between both campus professionals and national experts to help equip Liberty student-athletes to capitalize on NIL within NCAA legislation and position themselves for success.

    “Liberty Athletics recognizes how innovative technology plays a role in the success of its student-athletes and currently leverages Teamworks as a department-wide solution to seamlessly communicate and operate with athletes and staff,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

    “Now, we’re excited to incorporate INFLCR and its Verified product features into the Flames’ NIL program for athletes to have the education, guidance, and content to build their brand and monetize NIL opportunities. With INFLCR’s NIL compliance tracking feature, athletes’ transactions are automatically reported so Liberty’s compliance staff can easily review and be ensured that athletes are capitalizing on their NIL safely.”

    INFLCR Core – How It Works

    INFLCR’s platform helps college and university athletic departments send internal media and national photography content to personalized galleries for each of their athletes, coaches and other brand ambassadors.

    Those athletes and brand ambassadors are able to access their content galleries through the INFLCR mobile app and can then share the content to their personal social media accounts.

    After the fact, schools are able to measure the increased audience engagement coming from the much-larger collective audience of those athletes and brand ambassadors.

    Athletic departments use this approach to bolster their online presence in a way that impacts event attendance, recruiting, fundraising, and other strategic goals.

    INFLCR Verified – How It Works

    INFLCR provides college athletic departments with the content delivery and compliance platform to assist NCAA athletics programs in the management and monitoring of student-athlete Name, Image, and Likeness activities.

    INFLCR’s Verified suite of products ensures student-athletes are provided the tools, content, financial literacy, and more to participate in opportunities from NIL legislation.

    Powered by flagship new products like the Compliance Exchange administrator dashboard and Storyteller Playbook video library, INFLCR Verified enhances the student-athlete experience by offering a comprehensive solution for responsible brand-building on social media, as well as a fully compliant path to external commercial activity from NIL.

    Athletic programs are adopting this approach to educate and prepare staff and student-athletes for new opportunities and complexities from current NIL legislation, aiming to ultimately provide best-case scenarios for student-athletes who are looking to participate in monetization activities from their NIL.

    About INFLCR

    INFLCR is the leading content and compliance software platform for college athletic programs, educating and preparing staff and student-athletes for new opportunities and guidelines from current NIL legislation, all powered by best-in-class content delivery via the INFLCR mobile app. INFLCR works with more than 1000 collegiate and professional sports teams with a network of over 35,000 athlete users. Visit  for more information.