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Strength & Conditioning - Flames Strength Summit

Flames Strength Summit 2018 Itinerary

January 5th-6th, 2018

The Flames Strength Summit is a unique learning opportunity for those interested in developing athletes. In a world full of familiarity and routine, we are trying to push the boundaries of our profession and expand people's knowledge base by bringing in respected speakers from all areas of the performance spectrum. Expect to learn from culture driven, passionate, and selfless leaders willing to give back to the athletic community.
Start the New Year at the first annual Flames Strength Summit this January 5-6, 2018. Train Friday in the brand new Olympic Sports Weight Room, outfitted by Sorinex Exercise Equipment and PLAE, followed by an informal social to connect with other attendees and the Summit speakers. On Saturday, expect a day packed full of knowledge as you hear from industry leaders.



Speakers and Topics

  1. Bert Sorin - CEO and President of Sorinex Exercise Equipment
    • Topic: A Ten Part Lesson On Being Legendary
  2. Kristen Holmes-Winn - Vice President of Performance Science and Optimization at WHOOP
    • Topic: Demystifying The "Zone" - How physiological and psychological influences impact motivation, energy, production, and effective effort
  3. Brady "Totanka" Cervantes - Marine Sniper, Outdoorsman, Professional Bull Rider
    • Topic: Passion Through Adversity
  4. Jeff Nichols - Exercise Physiologist, Former Navy SEAL (Team 5, NSW)
    • Topic: Perfecting Movement Patterns and Cues as a Coach
  5. Bo Sandoval - Director of Strength & Conditioning at the Ultimate Fighting Championship Performance Institute (UFCPI)
    • Topic: His Journey and not fencing yourself into a single sport too soon
  6. Colin Burns – Team USA Weightlifter, President and Head Coach of Ronin Weightlifting
    • Topic: Resourcefulness, a quality of those who persevere