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Completion of Williams Football Operation Center Weight Room Begins

January 9, 2007  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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The weight center will be the premier facility in the nation.

The weight center will be the premier facility in the nation.

Phase one of a three-phase project began this week to finalize the last step towards completing the Williams Football Operation Center at Liberty University.

A premier strength and conditioning weight center is being installed in the lowest floor of this three-story, 60,000-square foot complex. The top of the line weight room includes 24 module units that can be used for but not limited for cleans, bench and squat.

These modules have been developed for the first time for Liberty football and the likes of have never been seen before. These power racks have over 500 holes in them to give the Liberty athlete unheard of choices to work precisely what body area they want to work. Power racks that are available on the market now only have 80 holes and limit the training of the athlete.

"This is the best football weight room in America," said Bill Gillespie, head strength and conditioning coach. "This facility shows a representation of Liberty University and its commitment for excellence to its athletic programs."

Liberty athletics will be ahead of the curve in strength and conditioning with this facility. This facility is built for the future and designed for the program to grow into it. Come five years from now the nuances of the facility will begin to become common place for top flight DI programs.

The facility maximizes money spent and space. These power racks also include a spot for dumb bells for the athlete to utilize instead of having another set of dumb bell racks that take up space and might be farther away from the athletes work area.

Continue to check back for updates on the final stage of the Williams Football Operation Center. 

Click here to view photos of the weight room project.