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Life with the Lady Flames: One Last Look

April 2, 2009  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Rebecca Lightfoot and her fellow seniors prepare for lift off on the way to Baton Rouge, La., for the NCAA Tournament.

Rebecca Lightfoot and her fellow seniors prepare for lift off on the way to Baton Rouge, La., for the NCAA Tournament.

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Today, we present the final installment of Life with the Lady Flames, a season-long look inside the Liberty women's basketball program through the eyes of the team's seniors. Alexandria Bream, Megan Frazee, Molly Frazee, Moriah Frazee, Rachel Hammond, Rebecca Lightfoot and Jessica Nelson recently wrapped up their collegiate basketball careers by making the program's 12th NCAA Tournament appearance in the last 13 seasons. caught up with all seven seniors, asking them to take a look back at the past four years as a Lady Flame as well as a look ahead at the future. ( What will you remember most about the trip to Baton Rouge?
Jessica Nelson (JN): Mike the Tiger VI.
Megan Frazee (MegF): The trip to Baton Rouge was amazing! I knew that it could be my last trip with the girls, so I wanted to cherish it. It was amazing to get to spend time with my teammates. It was our first flight as a team this season, which added more excitement to the trip. To top it off, it was a charter flight, which was AMAZING.
Alexandria Bream (AB): We all had a great time in Baton Rouge together, and everyone really bonded. It was nice to fly along with the staff, team, cheerleaders and band. I felt like we all really had fun with each other and enjoyed each other's company. We got to eat at some really cool restaurants and were able to visit Mike the Tiger too! The 80-degree weather was also a plus.
Moriah Frazee (MorF): I really enjoyed the weather in Baton Rouge. It was nice to not have to wear a jacket and be able to wear flip-flops. Secondly, it was a great trip to end my four years at Liberty. We were able to fly as a team, eat some great food and stay in a great hotel. I was even Meg's roommate, which was fun too. Also, our family flew down to watch us play which was really neat. They did not miss an entire game this whole season. Lastly, my sisters and I were able to visit with one of our friends from Ohio who we had not seen in over a year. It was so much fun!
Rebecca Lightfoot (RL): What I will remember most about the Baton Rouge trip is the morning we flew out of Lynchburg. All of the girls were so excited about embarking on a new adventure that it was contagious. Also, the best part was that it was not just our team, but it was the cheerleaders and the band as well. They are both so awesome! It was Kylee's first plane trip ever and so as a joke, I told her to raise her hands up as if it were a roller coaster. Sure enough, the ENTIRE PLANE was cheering with hands raised as our plane took off. What a precious and fun thing to be able to make those kind of memories.
Molly Frazee (MolF): I will remember all of the wonderful food and fellowship that we had. We also had good devotionals!
Rachel Hammond (RH): I will remember rooming with Becca Lightfoot. Looking back at this season as a whole, what were some of the primary highlights for you, both on and off the court?
JN: The Big South Championship game was pretty exciting, and we had a great crowd come support us at High Point, which was meaningful to me. I also enjoyed getting to know all the girls on the team. Making new friends is always fun.
MegF: Some primary highlights for me were simply just getting to know one another on the team! It was so fun getting to go through the highs and lows of the season together. I feel like we have been able to grow so close to each other as a result of the different trials we had to endure and persevere through.
AB: This season has been an amazing season, and has been so much fun on and off the court. Our Big South Championship game this year was so much fun to watch, and being victorious at the end was such an exciting time for all of us. Off the court, dancing to the Cupid Shuffle with Coach Williams in the weight room was an all-time favorite, as well as getting into the 40-degree ocean water at Coastal Carolina.
MorF: I would say on the court would be winning the Big South and winning the Virginia Tech tournament. Off the court would be just being able to hang out with my teammates.
RL: Personally, the morning of the Winthrop game (Jan. 10), when Coach Green told me that he wanted the best for me and that if I wanted to play this year, then he would not stop me. And then later that day, when he said, "Alright Beck, let's go see what God has in store for us." Another would be the day in the weight room when we all stayed after lifting and danced to the Cupid shuffle. I love those moments when you are not just a team, but a group of friends enjoying the time we get to spend together. It is the times like those that I will always remember.
MolF: Off the court would probably have to be our little team bonding times and the workout where we all did the Cupid Shuffle. My best time for me on the court was getting to play with my two sisters, Meg and Mor.
RH: My parents made a point to be at more games than ever before, and it was really special to get to play for them. I hadn't really been able to simply enjoy the experience of college basketball before this year, but because I embraced the life of an athlete and enjoyed that aspect of my life, I was able to feel the happiness of "simple pleasures."

On the court, I will remember our Big South Championship and how amazing it felt to enjoy something so simple as a game. I don't think I had ever felt so much burning, though poised, emotion inside my soul for a basketball game.

Off the court, my most memorable moment would definitely be the stellar-con people (sci-fi conference) at the Hotel High Point. I got a picture with Coach Green and a guy dressed as a storm trooper from Star Wars. I even got to hold his gun – unforgettable. What are your best on-the-court memories during your time as a Lady Flame?
JN: My favorite memory of this season for me on the court was probably the first game I got to play in at the Vines Center, and all the comments from my friends about how different I looked in a basketball uniform.
MegF: My best on-the-court memories would be, of course, the three conference basketball championships we won! I would also have to say beating Virginia at their place as well as winning the Xavier Tournament were amazing memories.
AB: My most memorable on-the-court memories were our Big South Championship games in 2008 and 2009. Also, defeating Virginia Tech and Virginia are another two favorite times of mine.
MorF: Playing at some awesome arenas and against some great players. I would say though, that one of my favorite wins was last year when we played in a tournament at Xavier. It was so much fun, because we upset Xavier and a lot of my family and friends were able to come to the game because it was so close. My favorite road trip though, was when we went to Cancun our sophomore year. We stayed an extra day and we were able to enjoy some sun.
RL: I would have to say every time when I started a game, and the five starters would huddle together right before tip-off. It was a time of looking into each other's eyes and hearts and a way of saying, "Ok, here we go. I've got confidence in you and you and you and you."
MolF: When we won both the Xavier tournament and the UNLV tournament during our junior year.
RH: Learning how to play team defense has been one of the most rewarding parts of the game I have experienced in college. There were so many principles of not only how to play on-ball defense that I learned, but more importantly, how to play off-ball defense. I felt a sense of accomplishment during my junior year, when I finally knew what I was doing in help defense and could actually try to help out the freshmen. Our coaches showed more affirmation for rebounding and defensive skills than anything else, so by human nature and an innate desire to be affirmed, you either learned how to rebound and play defense or did not enjoy the game! What are your best off-the court memories during your time as a Lady Flame?
JN: There are a lot of memories, but I'm going to go with the good times we shared at Golden Corral, the best buffet in town.
MegF: My best off-the court memories would be paintballing in the summer, hanging out at Camp Hydaway, and just being able to hang out with a great group of girls!
AB: Some of my favorite off-the-court memories include cookouts at Camp Hydaway, Cupid Shuffle in the weight room, playing tennis together and playing pranks on the seniors during our sophomore year here over Christmas break.
MorF: Honestly, building some lifelong friendships and being taught by some awesome professors in the nursing department. I have also enjoyed being able to do clinicals in the hospital and making an impact on my patients' lives.
RL: I would have to say the times in the dorms when we are hanging out together. It's as if there is some gravitational force pulling us all together, where we somehow end up all in the same room, laughing, talking, eating and watching a movie. Also, it would have to be the times after a 5 a.m. workout when we are all finished and a bit wired with the mental processing of what we just accomplished before the sun has even risen. There is no better way to bond than suffering together.
MolF: I enjoyed all of the laughter and many wonderful memories that I will treasure for a lifetime!
RH: I enjoyed the times during Thanksgiving and Christmas break, when it was pretty much just the team (and the international students - shout out to Colombia!) on campus. It seemed like every year we assumed we would have endless hours to do what we wanted with school off and all. So, we would make all of these fun plans, but every year, without fail, we found ourselves laughing in the ice tubs after two practices and a weight room workout about the fact that we never got anything accomplished but basketball during our breaks! We're on a basketball scholarship – go figure!

What I liked about this kind of lifestyle was that new people every day were the optimistic ones – the ones who enjoyed the moment regardless of what we were doing. They in turn enabled the rest of us to get off ourselves and truly enjoy our lives, whether we were on the court, in the locker room, in the training room, in the weight room, on the bus, in scout or in the ice tubs. Out of 15 people, there were always a couple new ones each day to bring the hearty laughs that you cannot live without! What has this group of classmates meant to you?
JN: As a newcomer, it was a blessing to have this group of girls encouraging me through each practice. The seniors and the rest of the players truly made me feel a part of the team, which is something special.
MegF: This group of classmates has been so much fun. Being able to get to know five quality girls and then adding a sixth this year has been great! Of course, being able to get to play with my sisters is something I will cherish the rest of my life! I thank the Lord for the many blessings He allowed the seven of us to experience while here at Liberty.
AB: I think Philippians 1:3-6 is a perfect example of what the seniors mean to me. "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." We've been through a lot these past four years here at Liberty, and it's really comforting to know we have friendships that will last forever!
MorF: I have had the privilege of playing with an awesome group of seniors, which includes two of my sisters. I have made some lifelong friendships and I am going to cherish those. I can't wait to see how God is going to use our class in the future.
RL: These seniors are the reason I did not quit my first preseason and every year after that. They are the reason I did not want to redshirt this season. I could not even fathom the possibility of NOT finishing and completing what we started together four years ago. I love these girls and I have made friends for life.
MolF: It has been great getting to be with the same group of girls for four years, and being able to be there for each other in the good times and the tough times!
RH: This group has taught me three things by how they have lived their own lives. They have shown me how to work hard and have confidence that nothing is too difficult. They have shown me that friends and family should never be taken for granted. Finally, they have shown me how to enjoy the "simple pleasures" of life. While all three things seem very basic, without these girls I do not know from whom I would have learned how to live. Without them, I may have wandered around far longer, only to find that the very adventure I sought in the distant future, lay right before me in my life today. What does the future hold in store for you?
JN: I'll be graduating in May with my M.A. degree in Human Services. I'm looking for a job somewhere in the Lynchburg area, and I plan to be cheering on the Lady Flames next season!
MegF: I am on track to graduate this spring with a degree in kinesiology, and I am specializing in physical education and health. I would love to keep playing basketball after college. I am open to what the Lord would have me do, and I am relying on Him to lead me in my next steps!
AB: I have another year of nursing school, so I will be back at Liberty next year to graduate in May 2010. After graduation, I hope to get a job at a hospital and start my career. I'd love to stay in Lynchburg and work here, but I'd also love to move back to Pennsylvania and work at Hershey Medical Center.
MorF: I am on track to graduate in December 2009. After graduating, I plan on working in a hospital but at this point I am not exactly sure where or in which area. I had a rotation on the PCU (Progressive Coronary Unit) and I really liked it, so that is one area that I may be interested in pursuing.
RL: I will not graduate until the fall, so I will still be on campus, having a completely new experience as a regular college student. I am pretty stoked about it. And after that, it is still a little foggy, but really, wherever the Lord leads, whether it be grad school or work. Who knows, maybe even seminary!
MolF: I will graduate in December with a degree in nursing! I am excited to see how the Lord will use that. I love being able to help people in their time of need. I am not sure if it will be here in Lynchburg, or elsewhere, but I am open to wherever the Lord leads me!
RH: I will be student teaching in the fall at a public high school in Lynchburg. I plan to teach high school after that, but may get a Master of Arts in History or a Master of Arts in Global Apologetics first.

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