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Allyson's Angle: An Inside Look at the Lady Flames' Preseason

October 29, 2007  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Senior point guard Allyson Fasnacht

Senior point guard Allyson Fasnacht

Each Monday throughout the preseason, Liberty women's basketball fans will get an inside look at the team, both on and off the court, through the eyes of senior point guard Allyson Fasnacht. Today, the series continues with the second installment of Allyson's Angle.

Hola Lady Flames fans!

I hope everyone enjoyed my last blog, and I just wanted to update you all on what's happening with the Lady Flames. After two weeks of practice, I think we're looking pretty good. Do we still have work to do? Of course! But, we are jelling together and becoming more familiar with each other every day. Each day we are improving, and that's really what it's all about. Our coaches have been stressing carryover—making sure we carry over what we learn in one practice and apply it in each of our following practices.

Thursday's practice was especially fun for us. We had a little scrimmage with each other and our practice guys, complete with officials. I personally LOVE the practice guys. They help us prepare by being faster, stronger and more athletic than us, but we get to bust their chops when we score on them, repeatedly. We develop friendships with these guys and we just love to compete with them. They are an important part of our practices, and we really appreciate them taking time out of their day to help make us better. Thanks, guys!

In addition to our practices going well, we are also having fun off the court. Last weekend, we had some recruits in town and we all decided to go to Scaremare. For those of you who don't know what it is, let me tell you. (But first let me preface this by saying I am NOT a fan of scary people, places, things, etc.)

Scaremare is a big haunted house put on by a local ministry. They depict different aspects of death and dying and at the end, someone talks with you about overcoming death by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It really is a lot of fun and it is an awesome ministry. People from all over Virginia and the surrounding states come to Lynchburg just to see Scaremare.

Well, normally there would be NO way I would be a fan of this, but the fact we go each year as a team makes it worthwhile. We make it fun. We even convinced our new assistant coaches, Coach Sherard and Coach Bloodworth, and our student trainer, Laura, to come with us this time. Most of us usually cling onto each other throughout the house, and when one person screams, we all scream. It's great!

This year, we even found out we are somewhat "known" around Scaremare. It may not be a good thing, because we are known for what we do before we even make it into the house. Let me explain.

It was either last year or the year before, the entire team was in line to go through the house, waiting in a holding area under a large canopy tent. There was a little concession stand with pizza, drinks and candy, in case anyone was so hungry, they had to eat before entering the house. Well, the man who would lead us to the start of the "tour" decided to shut off the lights and jump out with a chainsaw! Obviously, we all screamed like little girls and jumped into each other's arms. When they flipped on the lights again, the concession stand was wrecked. Some of us had inadvertently knocked over the table and there was food everywhere! We apologized, and were assured it was no big deal (the workers thought it was hilarious), but we were so scared and had a good laugh too.

Well, when we went back this year, one of the girls working told us that some of the workers were talking about this little "incident" and still found it hilarious! It's good to know the Liberty Lady Flames Basketball team will always be a part of Scaremare.

Well, I guess that's all for this week. Before I head off to practice, I do want to give a shout out to my family, especially my brothers. I miss you both a lot! I hope to see all you Lady Flames fans at our exhibition game against Athletes In Action. Countdown to November 8 – 11 days!

Playing for His glory,
Allyson #10

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