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Getting to Know Stephen Hawk

October 19, 2007  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Getting to know Stephen Hawk.

Getting to know Stephen Hawk.

Stephen Hawk is a junior on the golf team, hailing from Holtville, Calif. See what Hawk had to say when he sat down with for his personality profile.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why? Nehemiah 4:6, "So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart." I love this verse because it shows what can be accomplished when people work together with all their heart while focusing on God.

What is your favorite memory while competing in your sport? I'd have to say it was many years ago, the first time I ever broke par in a tournament. I was on my last hole at even par and had a 10-foot birdie putt to get me to those magical red numbers. It was one of the best feelings in the world to see that putt go in.

What is your most embarrassing memory while competing in your sport? We were waiting to tee off on the first hole and I had just teed up my ball, while waiting for the group ahead of us to clear out. I started taking a few practice swings and wasn't really paying attention. I barely nicked the ball, causing it to go sideways and backward into the parking lot, where it bounced across the hood of a nice Mercedes. It was an amazing shot and quite embarrassing.

Share something that people don't know about you? I used to raise steers for the county fair when I was in grade school.

What has been your defining moment as an athlete? I would have to say it was a day back in my junior year of high school, when I decided I wanted to play competitively in college.

My first car was … an old yellow CJ7 jeep that I learned to drive in.

If you could be somebody else for a day, who would you be and why? I think I'd like to be Bob Barker, because I've always wondered what it would be like to have that kind of a job.

Who is your favorite Liberty athlete? Johnny Dickenson

What is the best advice you have ever been given? Be honest to everyone, and you'll never have to clear your name.

If you could change one rule in your sport, what would it be and why? The five rulings there are for hitting your ball in a lateral water hazard. I think there should only be one. It would make the game a whole lot less complicated.

After graduation I would like to … go to Los Angeles and work for a few years in the produce industry, marketing and selling produce from all over the world.

In my spare time, I like to … be outdoors.

Words that describe me on the athletic field (and why) are … a lot of my teammates call me "Greasy," meaning there are times when I can be in the worst spot imaginable on the course and still manage an outrageous shot for a par or birdie.

If you could compete in any sport against any athlete, who would it be and why? I think I'd like to suit up against Dick Butkus in a Super Bowl game, just to see if I could survive a hit from him.

My craziest ambition in life is to … own a float plane and have a cabin way back somewhere on a lake in Alaska.

Do you have any pre-tournament rituals? I don't have any rituals, but everyone tells me I always wiggle my toes before every shot, and sometimes I catch myself whispering "Just don't shank it" on the backswing of my first tee shot.

If you made the schedule, name one tournament location you would select (and why)? I'd love to play a tournament in Ireland or Scotland, just to have the tournament experience on one of those kinds of courses.

Who is one person in history that you would like to meet and why? I'd like to meet Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, because they were my heroes when I was growing up.

A place I've always wanted to visit, but never had the chance is (and why)? I'd love to go see Angel Falls in Africa, because I think it would be one of the most amazing sights in the world.

What are four or five things you could not live without? My Lord and Savior, my family, the outdoors and granola.

Favorite memory of Dr. Jerry Falwell is … My favorite memories of Dr. Falwell happened when I would be walking past his office on my way to the Hancock Athletic Center for workouts. He would be outside talking and he'd always give me a big smile and a little wave, just about the same way every time.