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Flames Hoops Costa Rica Trip Log - Entry Cuatro

August 12, 2016  Herradura, Costa Rica  RSS
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Entry Tres

During its final full day in Costa Rica, the Liberty men's basketball team capped off its trip with a zip line tour of the rainforest in Herradura.

We didn't have a chance to take a ton of photos because quite frankly it is rather difficult to do so while flying over top a rain forest. However, the tour company had photographers on hand and you can view those pics in the gallery below. The LFSN crew along with men's basketball student assistant Brody Hicks also captured the action via a GoPro, which you can check out by clicking on the video player on the right.

The Flames trekked to the top of a mountain on a tractor built for uphill terrain. The team then descended through the rainforest on 10 individual zip lines, with the longest spanning nearly a half mile. On this particular line, participants glided through the air at speeds of over 50 miles an hour. Line No. 6 was also an interesting one, as you are allowed to hang upside down Spiderman style. The players and others in our travel party took advantage of this opportunity to get a unique glimpse of the rainforest treetops.

The experience was incredible! It was very exhilarating. Even though you are up there for nearly two hours, time literally flies when you are having fun.

Afterwards, the Flames returned to the hotel to enjoy some more rest and relaxation. A few players went paddle boarding in the Pacific Ocean and afterwards enjoyed some quality time by the pool.

Our tour guide Mario was fantastic this week. He took us to the best spots and introduced us to some of the finer things the country of Costa Rica has to offer. From coffee to cuisine to beautiful countryside, if it is good in Costa Rica, Mario knows where to find it. Gracias mi amigo! In your words, you are "first class."

The staff at Los Suenos Rain Forest tours is top notch. Those guys know what they are doing and give 100 percent when it comes to ensuring your safety. You can tell they love what they do, which only adds to the experience.

Freshman guard Jorge Pacheco-Oritz, aka Georgie, was a little apprehensive about riding on the zip line at first. However, he passed the test with flying colors (no pun intended). By the end of the fourth line, the Puerto Rican native had a huge smile on his face. Despite the grin, it is very possible that if Georgie decides to tour Los Suenos again, it will likely be on horseback.

We made a brief mention the other day of the staff at Holy Spirit Orphanage. We'd like to take this time to once again thank them for their hospitality and their commitment to showing the love of Jesus to the children in the area. Can't say enough about the great work they do.

In Case You Were Wondering
If you watched the video from Entry Uno, you may have noticed a women's basketball team with yellow jerseys on in the background. The Arizona State women's team is here in Costa Rica, as well. The Sun Devils played four games in during their tour of the country.

Surfs Up
The ISA World Surfing Games are taking place nearby in Jaco, Costa Rica, just miles away from where the Flames are staying. The competition takes place Aug. 6-14. After Day 6, Peru leads the way with Portugal and Costa Rica following closely behind. Team USA is currently in seventh place out of 26 teams.

Pura Vida
The Flames will leave Costa Rica early in the morning and touch down in Atlanta before noon (EST). From there, players will go to various destinations before returning to campus prior to the start of the 2016-17 academic year. Liberty leaves the country with a 2-1 record in exhibition play. More importantly, the team will carry with it a much stronger bond heading into the 2016-17 season.

There is a saying in Costa Rica – Pura Vida. The translation simply means pure life, but its message goes beyond that. The people of Costa Rica use it as a greeting, farewell or to express that things are going well and life is good. There is no doubt that the players on this trip have a deeper appreciation for what God gives us. From the joyous children at the orphanage to the beautiful sights and sounds in the countryside, coaches, players and family members on this trip realize that we have so much to be thankful for. Adios Costa Rica! Pura Vida!