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Player Spotlight with Erin Bradshaw

January 27, 2016  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Player Spotlight with Erin Bradshaw

With the spring practices around the corner, continues its player spotlight series with this week's focus on Erin Bradshaw.

Bradshaw is a freshman goalkeeper from Suffolk, Va. Bradshaw notched four saves this season, allowing just one goal in two contests.

Who introduced you to field hockey?
Bradshaw: I was introduced to field hockey when I was in seventh grade by Tara Worley, the varsity field hockey coach for Lakeland High School.

Tell me about your family. What do your parents, or guardians, do? How many brothers or sisters do you have and what do they do?
Bradshaw: I am the middle child of three. My dad owns his own mechanic shop in Suffolk, Va., and my mom is the manager of a kidney transplant unit at Sentera Norfolk General in Norfolk, Va. My older sister, Taylor, is attending community college this semester at Tidewater Community College but plans to transfer to Longwood to major in speak pathology. My younger brother, Austin, is attending Forest Glen Middle School as an eighth grader.

If you weren't playing field hockey which sport would you enjoy playing?
Bradshaw: If I wasn't playing field hockey I would play soccer. It was one of my favorite sports in high school and I also played goal keeper.

Tell us your recruiting story on how you got to Liberty.
Bradshaw: Liberty was actually not on my radar at the time I was being recruited but I decided to give every place a fair shot and visit Liberty. It was totally different then what I had in mind just by the atmosphere. When it came down to deciding my home for the next four years, there were so many positive things with Liberty such as: having my major (zoology), competing in a Division I atmosphere, and not only playing to win or for each other but for a higher purpose. At the end of the day I knew where I belonged and that is here!

If you could get away from field hockey for a little bit, what would you enjoy doing?
Bradshaw: Outside of field hockey I enjoy hiking all the different trails around Liberty but when I'm home I enjoy the little time I have been given to fish with my dad and family.

What are you studying, and what do you enjoy about that?
Bradshaw: I am majoring in zoology. I enjoy science but most of all the study of animals because I feel that they have so much more to say.

Who were your heroes growing up, and who did you emulate in the backyard or playground?
Bradshaw: I have three heroes from my childhood. My mother, no matter what she faced she would always have a plan and work it out. She is the most forgiving person no matter what I seem to do wrong and I truly look up to her for that. Margrette Brandon was my goalie coach and she was one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She would spend endless hours with me and truly influenced me to do all things at 110 percent. My third hero is my grandmother Terry Bradshaw. She is the most spiritual and kindhearted lady. I have always loved her but never really appreciated how much she truly loved the Lord. All along she had been leaving what was like little bread crumbs to the Lord and I never really knew till now.

What was your favorite memory that you took away from this season?
Bradshaw: There is more than one favorite memory this past season but all of them include Mallory and Monica. As goalkeepers we do everything together and just time spent with them has been my favorite out of anything because all of my good and bad memories have been with them.

What do you look forward to most this spring?
Bradshaw: This season I look to grow not only as a person and an athlete but also in Him. This season I am starting out with a new foundation and outlook on who I'm playing for. He is my base and I only look for ways to better Him through me this spring.