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Meeting the Lacrosse Newcomers - Becker, Dotson, Ekert and Emery

January 21, 2014  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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From left to right: Olivia Becker, Dominique Dotson, Colleen Ekert and Natalie Emery

From left to right: Olivia Becker, Dominique Dotson, Colleen Ekert and Natalie Emery

Leading up to the Liberty lacrosse season opener on Feb. 7 at Richmond, will provide a look at each of the Lady Flames' newcomers. Today's article features Olivia Becker, Dominique Dotson, Colleen Ekert and Natalie Emery.

Why did you choose Liberty?

Becker: I chose to come to Liberty because of the fact that it is a Christian university.  The environment here is absolutely amazing. I also came to Liberty because my older sister Morgan is here, too.  She is a senior on the lacrosse team and it gives us such a great opportunity to be able to play together for one year in college before she graduates.

Dotson: I chose Liberty not just for lacrosse, but also for academics. Liberty not only has my major, but a specific specialization for it as well. Also, the lacrosse program has shown a lot of potential since it was started five years ago. Making it to the Big South tournament last year was a huge accomplishment. The campus is beautiful and the spiritual aspect is fantastic and joyful.

Ekert: I chose Liberty because I felt that the coaches were a good fit for me. The program has so much potential that I want to be a part of it and prove everybody wrong.

Emery: I chose Liberty because I wanted to be a part of a team that has a Christian influence.  Also, it is a place where I can play Division I lacrosse and major in Christian psychology.  There is no other school that can offer something as good as that.

What has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make since coming to Liberty and joining the lacrosse team?

Becker: I would say that the biggest adjustment would have to be coming from the expectations in high school to the expectations on a Division I sports team.  It's a completely different level than what I was used to.  Everyone has to work hard for their spots and continue to work hard in order to keep them.

Dotson: The biggest adjustment since coming to Liberty would probably be getting used to playing lacrosse all year around. I haven't been in a position where lacrosse is 365 days of training and preparing for the season. Juggling school and Division I athletics has been and still is a challenge, but it is making me into a more independent and self-sufficient person.

Ekert: I'm from New York, so it's been an adjustment being so far from home.

Emery: I have had to adjust to the faster play on the field and the increase in work at the Division I level.

What do you appreciate the most about Coach Nangle?

Becker: What I appreciate most about Coach Nangle is how passionate she is about lacrosse and about winning.  She pours everything she has into making us better players.  She truly believes in us and always pushes us to do our best.

Dotson: What I appreciate most about Coach Nangle is that she is a defensive minded coach. She knows and has personally played defense. She has taught me in this short time many defensive skills that are extremely applicable in games.

Ekert: Her heart for winning and the sport of lacrosse. She has so much passion and drive that it's contagious, and I love that kind of atmosphere.

Emery: I love her passion for the game and her constant goal to push us to succeed.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Becker: I would have to say that I am looking forward to playing with my sister more than anything.  She has been such a role model to me, and being able to be in college with her on the same lacrosse team is more than I could ever ask for.  I look up to her not only as my sister but also as a player.  She works hard all the time and won't quit until she reaches her goals.

Dotson: What I look forward to this season is seeing the team grow closer spiritually. Of course, the ultimate goal is to dominate the Big South and make our way through to the national championship.

Ekert: Winning.

Emery: I am so excited for the games and seeing our team grow.

What are your goals for this season?

Becker: My goals for the season are to improve as a player, have a winning season and win the Big South Championship with my team. 

Dotson: My goal for the season is to get as much playing time as I can. I want to be an intricate part of the team's dynamics. Hopefully what I can bring to the team, along with the other girls' skills, will lead us to our ultimate goal of the national championship.

Ekert: Getting better each and every day.

Emery: I want to continue to get better every day and work hard to have the opportunity to play.