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One-On-One With Rebecca Lightfoot

February 7, 2007  Lynchburg, Va.  RSS
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Sophomore Guard/Forward Rebecca Lightfoot

Sophomore Guard/Forward Rebecca Lightfoot

Fans of the Liberty Lady Flames Women's Basketball team will get to know the players on this year's team a little better through a new series entitled "One-On-One With ...".  Today's installment features a question-and-answer session with sophomore guard/forward Rebecca Lightfoot.

What is your favorite sport to play, other than basketball?
Track, flag football and softball.

Why did you decide to attend Liberty?
God said "Go." It's a long story, but it pretty much comes down to that.

If you could eat dinner with three other people, who would they be and why?
My sisters and my parents, because out of anyone I know, they are the most interesting and fun to me.

Who is your favorite band?
It depends on my mood and I like a lot. I'd probably have to say Hillsong United though.

Who was your favorite athlete while growing up and who is it now?
My sister, Leigh, because she is such a hard worker and disciplined.

Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
Caleb, because even in his old age, he was physically and emotionally ready to go when God called him. Also, David, because God has taught me so much through David's life and I consider it huge that God labeled him a man after His heart. I want that.

What is one event in history that you wish you could've witnessed?
My parents' wedding day. I think it would have been neat and funny to see what they were like.

What is your favorite food at the Liberty cafeteria?
The oatmeal or peanut butter cookies.

Why did you choose your uniform number?
Because my high school number 24 is retired, and so it's the next step. I also chose 25 because it's one of my best friend's number, so it's a way that I can share it all with her. 

What is your biggest pet peeve and why?
I have a few random ones, but I cant think of some huge one right now.

What website do you visit the most frequently?
Probably my email or, as much as I hate to admit it, Facebook.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Moe's Mexican Grill.

What is the first question you'll ask God when you get to Heaven?
I don't know. I figure I might be pretty speechless at first, and then probably cry, and then probably a lot of hugging and thank yous. Don't forget the I'm sorrys.

What DVD do you wear out the most?
Chronicles of Narnia or Emma or Pride and Prejudice.

What is the best part about playing on the Liberty women's basketball team?
Getting to be able to call the girls on the team my friends, and getting to know and spend time with them. They are awesome.

If you could play one-on-one with anyone, who would it be?
My sister, Leigh, because we haven't done it in a while, and we would just have fun anyways, and then we would get coffee afterwards.

What is your favorite store to shop at?
J.Crew or Buckle.

What is the last book you've read, outside of those required for class and the Bible?
Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and The Ishbane Conspiracy (for the third time) by Randy Alcorn.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Grad school, living with my sister who will be finishing up med school, near our family in Atlanta.