Stories and Impact

Your Impact

Providing Opportunities

Flames Club members invest in Training Champions for Christ by providing academic and athletic opportunities for Liberty student-athletes.

Your gift to the Annual Fund helps ensure our coaches have the tools to recruit the top student-athletes in the country and give those athletes the financial ability to attend Liberty.

Flames Club members also help create an impact by building new facilities for Liberty Athletics. In addition, there are multiple ongoing projects that help to improve the facilities of our 20 NCAA Division 1 Athletic programs.

Another way you can help Liberty Athletics is through Sport Specific Giving. These focused gifts enable coaches to budget for unique travel, equipment, or development needs our coaches may have. Flames Club members can make gifts to these specific funds to provide coaches with a source of funding that can help to address the more unique and evolving needs of their programs.



Flames Club Members at all levels make an impact on student-athletes. See below for a chart showing how each level impacts our student-athletes.