Loyalty Seating Plan

3-Year loyalty seating plan

Next full reseat 2025

To fairly distribute tickets at Williams Stadium and Liberty Arena, beginning with the 2022 Football, and 2022-23 Men’s and Women’s Basketball seasons, Liberty Athletics and the Flames Club transitioned to a Loyalty Seating Plan.

This system allows members to select their seats every three-years based on their Annual Fund Membership Level and lifetime earned Loyalty Points. Traditionally, this seating process has taken place every year, but will now occur on a rolling three year basis. This benefit recognizes the loyalty of Flames Club members. Non-member season tickets will be seated as they have traditionally, on a year-to-year basis. 

There are three guiding principles for the Loyalty Seating Plan:

Loyalty – The reseating allows current and long time members to retain one of their greatest benefits from year to year, preferred seats. This is based on both current giving and historical giving. It recognizes our long time fans, but also allows those who may be new to Flames Nation an opportunity to join in the process. 

Choice – Seat selection and rank remain in the control of you, our fans. With a growing fan base, our fans can select their own seats, using their preferences for seat type and location. 

Recognition – As we rise to build a nationally prominent program, the system allows on an occasional basis for those who increase their giving in support of our student-athletes the chance to earn privileges at their discretion. This also recognizes the effort of Flames Club members to go above and beyond their fellow fans in supporting our teams.


The Loyalty Seating Plan began with seat selection for the 2022 football season, in the Spring of 2022. Seats selected by eligible members can be held for three seasons – 2022, 2023, and 2024, provided each member maintains the same level of Flames Club membership and season tickets each year, renewing by the respective deadlines.

Moving forward, every three years, the seating in Williams Stadium and Liberty Arena will go through a “reseat year” in which the seat selection process will take place again. 

* Flames Club membership must be renewed (pledged, payment plan, or paid in full) by the Season Ticket Priority Deadline to be a part of the Priority Seat Selection Process/retain seats each year.


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